INTRODUCING: New Embroidery Patterns

Wild Horse PDF Embroidery Pattern by Sarah Jane

I'm so very thrilled to be offering you these new embroidery patterns available now in the shop! There has been a 2 year gap between new patterns, and I think it's about time to bring you some new inspiring designs! 

This pattern, called Wild Horse, is inspired from my Wee Wander fabric line, and it's one I've had in my head for a long time. I wanted to give you the option of being able to stitch it either in an outline or I think both really offer a different feeling. There is something about the texture that I just love in the filled design, and I wanted to show you what it could look like as a split stitch, following the direction of the natural horse hair. 

But also, with the open version, it feels whimsical and light, and so you are welcome to try both! 

Firefly Garden, also inspired from the Wee Wander fabric line, is a chance to stitch both children and flowers, and I had so much fun with this one. It's a great sampler can use it just for the floral sampler. But I love this little scene of the children catching fireflies...something that is so fun and easy to stitch with a french knot and little glowing light stitches. It makes me so happy! 

Choose Happy is a motto I've always stood by, and one that we talk a lot about as a family. Happiness is a choice! Doesn't matter your circumstances, how people treat you or what's going on in your outside environment....Happiness is something you get to choose. And I wanted to create a stitching pattern around that felt simple yet inspiring. I love the stitching on this, and it's a really fun pattern to make! 

Each one of these patterns are PDF Downloads only, which really allows me to get them into as many hands as possible! Each pattern comes with a color guide, a stitching guide, a tracing view as well as a transfer view and photographs to give you inspiration and guidance as you stitch! 

I hope you enjoy stitching these! With the holidays coming, I can see these as wonderful gifts to share with your loved ones. Happy Stitching! 


Sew& Stitch Embroidery: Book review and giveaway!

book_cover_web There is a new embroidery book on the block!

And I'm so excited to fill you in on how amazing it is.


I love hand stitching. Love, love love it. I've loved developing my own patterns over the years, and I must say that Penguin and Fish's Patterns and designs have always been an inspiration to me.


Alyssa's book is super new and fresh, because her style is new and fresh. I love how she doesn't get fussy about fancy stitches, rather she uses the stitches to really bring out the illustrative aspect of her art. Her animals are just to die for, and she adds just the right amount of texture and layers to her technique.



Her book is full of great patterns, as well as very thoughtful chapters on execution. It's funny, because so many people will tell me that they get intimidated by embroidery, and I keep sayin' "It's like drawing with a needle." And it's true! But especially with Alyssa's designs...they are simple and deceivingly easy to stitch.


One thing that Alyssa has really become known for, is her oversized stitching. I remember seeing it up close at my very first Quilt Market a few years back, and being so inspired! What a brilliant idea! And this book takes is like 5 steps further. Look how amazing!

sew-and-stitch-octopus sew-and-stitch-jumping

You can find the book here and here, and make sure to visit Alyssa at her blog and website! 


And today, I'm giving away a single copy to one lucky winner!


1) Leave a comment below

2) Visit Penguin & Fish and have a look around and their lovely patterns

3) Come back and see the winner in a week!

Entries close Tuesday night, Midnight EST

Happy Stitching!



CONGRATS TO atexasmomof2 for winning! 

Bunny & Egg Easter DIY

IMG_7024-Edit Easter is so soon, and I'm so excited. We have so many family traditions that circle around this holiday, but it still sneaks up on me....especially since Easter is in March. Yikes!sarah jane embroidery 1

Addie wanted to sew and stitch some kind of Easter pillow, and so we spent some time this weekend making it together. She is so crafty and artsy, it's so fun to finally have a buddy in all this. She's at that age where she can really learn how to do it herself!

IMG_6939 copy

So I drew up an idea, and then she drew up her idea....and we met in the middle. I wanted to sew up a big colorful egg, she wanted a bunny, so we made a bunny holding a big colorful egg.

The best part about these projects is that they can be turned into anything. Wall art, pillows, you name it.



And of course, bunny needed a scarf. So we started there.





The best part is that I got a little helper to work the pedal underneath. Go team!



Then I grabbed some random fabrics from my stash, and sewed strips together (You might recognize some new fabric of mine you haven't seen yet...coming in the spring! hush, hush:)

Then I used the egg template and pinned it to the sewn scraps. I cute about 1/4 inch around the template, ironed down the edges, and pinned onto the bunny design. Sewing it down in a perfect oval isn't my specialty. But hey. It's a darn cute egg, ya?


And then we stitched and stitched! It's a super fast little job.

But when I got to the tail, I just knew it needed some texture. The kids would love a little cotton tail.

So, yarn pom pom's it was.

make a pom pom

Stitch it onto the little tail, and you've got yourself a little cottontail bunny holding a really awesome egg, and ready to be made into something special.

sarah jane embroidery 2

I've made the Bunny template for you, so all you have to do it trace it onto some fabric. You can decide what you want to stitch, or what you want to sew on. So many variations!

Have fun! I'd love to see your pictures. Don't forget to share on my embroidery FLICKR page, or on Facebook...or wherever you like to follow me around:) And if you like this, don't forget to share on Pinterest!

(just hover over any picture, and it's an easy share)

click here to download


Happy Spring everyone! And happy making!!





I got a magazine in the mail today. Have you seen this yet? It's a new magazine from Better Homes and Gardens called Make it Yourself. The premier issue covers lots of great projects, and I'm thrilled to have contributed!

This past spring, I was contacted by Better Homes to design an embroidery using the word 'Blessed' and this image immediately came to mind.

I've had this print in the shop for a while, and I always thought it would make the most fun sampler stitching project. All those warm cozy quilt patches to stitch!

It was so fun to open up to the article, and see my design! And I've finally gotten it up in the shop for you to stitch too!

This is super appropriate to post today, because last night took approximately 2.45 hours of putting children to bed. One sick, one wide awake from a long nap, one needing this and that. Lots of hugs, snuggles, back scratches. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's the most precious time of day for me and I love it. Even when it means that I no longer get any time left to myself at night, I know how precious these moments are. They go so fast. And today I'm feeling just that....Blessed.

I hope you enjoy this one! It's a great project for the holidays coming up....makes a darling gift to put in a frame, or a special sewn up project. I can't wait to see all the different versions you make!

Happy Stitching!

Click here for the pattern.


Hey, Guess What? You've been waiting for these...

Well, after a few {little} bumps in the road, these have arrived! I'm so excited to get these out to you!

The Iron-on transfers are so great. Because these designs are very illustrative, the iron-on takes all the guess work out. These designs are actually very simple in terms of the stitching involved....the only thing that can get tricky is getting the lines just right when you are tracing. Ironing on the lines takes the guess work out, and makes for an really nice stitching experience!

A few things to know about these:

  • The transferred lines are not really erasable. They can be, but I'm not going to suggest trying. This is why I offer both the PDF and the iron-on, so you can choose. However, the lines are very thin to make sure they are covered after you stitch, so it shouldn't be a problem.
  • The transfer paper can be used as many as 6-7 times. Your best transfers will be the first 4, but with several uses,  you aren't going to be wasting it all on the first attempt. Yay!
  • These patterns have all the same information as the PDF versions ...the only difference is in the actual transfer paper is included. And you get a cute thank you card from me and a pretty package in the mailbox:)

Here's where you can find them: My Online Shop & ETSY shop

So there you go! Happy stitching everyone! Please do share your projects (on the FLICKR group page, or on my Facebook Page)...I'd be thrilled to see your lovely work!

Happy weekend everyone!! And if you are in the States, happy 3 day weekend!


Sarah Jane

OUT TO SEA Embroidery PDF Patterns

Well hello! Here we go. New embroidery patterns that you've been seeing sneak peeks of.Yay! I really, really love these.

Last year's patterns were an unexpected hit. I knew people were starting to fall back in love with hand stitching...but I had no idea how much! It's been so fun to talk with you and see your projects!  I love that hand embroidery gives such a personal touch to any project. It becomes personal, your own, and an art piece all on it's own! Because so many of you own Sarah Jane prints in your own homes....I am starting to create more of that feel in embroidery pieces. Something you can stitch to make a real statement...but that is easy and inexpensive, and will last forever. A real personal touch!

When I was a little girl, and maybe I've said this before? I dunno. But I had a crewel embroidered nursery rhyme wall hanging in my room. I always wanted to touch it. It was a "1-2 buckle my shoe" design, and I would stroke the threads as I walked by when I was in my mother's arms. It stood out to me so much, because it was art I could touch, and handle. And my mom's best friend made it as a baby gift, which made me feel connected to her. Handmade pieces connect people. They tell a story. And they can bring to life design, color, and texture.  For me, it connected me to so many things. It's why  I love it so much! we go! Let's get introduced!

These designs are lifted right from the OUT TO SEA fabric and they might look all fancy, but they are really not that hard. I wanted to keep them simple this time, and so all 4 can be completed at any skill level. I promise!



The only design that is inspired by, but not lifted exactly is the BE STILL piece. My favorite! This one was fun to make a really easy running stitch turn into the distant horizon of the sea. So sweet.

Remember this piece? I thought it would make the sweetest embroidery design. And it's nice to have something that isn't just for the kids:)


No, maybe this is my favorite. I LOVE this ship design. IF I HAD A SHIP, I'D SAIL THE SEVEN SEAS. It's inspired by a poem that I couldn't get out my head when I was designing the fabric collection. Do you know it?

I grew up listening to a Judy Dench recording of this poem. So when you read it, get all British and speak in a low, dramatic voice;)

The Island, by A.A. Milne If I had a ship, I'd sail my ship I'd sail my ship Through Eastern seas; Down to a beach where the slow waves thunder - The green curls over and the white falls under - Boom! Boom! Boom! On the sun-bright sand. Then I'd leave my ship and I'd land, And climb the steep white sand, And climb to the trees The six dark trees, The coco-nut trees on the cliff's green crown - Hands and knees To the coco-nut trees, Face to the cliff as the stones patter down, Up, up, up, staggering, stumbling, Round the corner where the rock is crumbling, Round this shoulder, Over this boulder, Up to the top where the six trees stand....

And there I would rest, and lie, My chin in my hands, and gaze At the dazzle of the sand below, And the green waves curling slow And the grey-blue distant haze Where the sea goes up to the sky....

And I'd say to myself as I looked so lazily down at the sea: "There's nobody else in the world, and the world was made for me."

It really makes such a wonderful wall hanging. (There will be a tutorial for this in August by the way!)

So, that's where the inspiration came from for this. And a lot of the OUT TO SEA fabric. So much imagination in those children's heads. They can go anywhere.



Then of course, pirates and mermaids!


Addie is my mermaid. She comes from a long line of Mermaids. Me, my mom, my literally. Mermaids. Water Babies. We love the ocean.

So there you go. Lots of stitching to do! But not too much. Just enough I think!

These will be ready with IRON-ON transfers in a month. Sorry :( not just yet! But the PDF'S are ready to go! I know a lot of people like to have both on hand, just in case. But this way, you can start stitching and be ready for when the fabric comes out later this summer!

Don't forget about the SARAH JANE EMBROIDERY FLICKR group which I have sorely neglected. Sorry. No more! Let's get stitching! The Fabric flickr group rocks. Lets do the same for the stitching one!

Happy Stitching!!

All Embroidery Patterns Available HERE.


He's the man.

Sometimes, when I walk into my family room, I wonder if I have an amazing husband who likes having pink and turquoise pillows with embroidered pretties on them, or if I have an amazing husband who doesn't voice his opinion about pink and turquoise pillows with embroidered pretties on them.

I don't think I'll ask him.

Either way, I think I've got it pretty good:)

Happy Weekend everybody!!

xoxo Sarah

New Products, Sale & Huge Giveaway!

Wow! I have been working on this update for weeks and weeks. After the survey you filled out a couple months ago, I've taken to heart a lot of your suggestions. Poster size prints and framed prints were a #1 request. And they are now in the shop!

These poster sizes are amazing. See the shop for specifics, but now you can get giclee prints in larger sizes, as well as matt poster size prints. Do you remember this nursery that featured my art over the crib?  I'm pretty thrilled to think of full size art in rooms all over the globe. I'm smiling pretty big.


Folded cards are back...and now that's all I'm offering as far as cards go. I'm slashing the prices of my postcards to get rid of them! No more flat cards...all folded cards. Yummy.


I am most excited for this update. Framed prints!! Horray! No more buying prints and letting them sit around for months because you never get to finding a frame.

This also means that the calendar set that has been #1 best seller for nearly 4 years now can be mounted easy-peasy. Because it's a square image, you don't have to worry about searching high and low for a frame that fits!

I designed these frames specifically for the style of my art work...simple and fresh. You can also buy the frame empty if you still have unframed prints laying around. Eh-hem.

And the calendar card packs are back! They've been a #1 seller too, but have been out of stock while we've been rearranging a lot of things in the shop. 24 cards - 2 for each month.

And dun...dun...dun....

They're here! Finally. These have been a LABOR OF LOVE! While PDF's are great and easy to use, Iron-on transfers take the fuss out of harder to trace line work: like little eyes on faces and the sway of a dress. Since many of my images include figures, I've found that transfers are so much better for getting the lines "just right." These iron on super easy, and you can use the transfer up to 7 times!


As part of this huge update, I'm also including some free stuff, some sales, and a GIVEAWAY!

Yes. Overkill. I know.

  • All blank journals, bookplates and postcards are on clearance. Once they are gone, they are gone.  No more. They are priced to sell out, so get them fast!
  • All orders that come in this week (July 19th-24th) will receive a free folded card of my choice. Think of it as a thank you card from me:)
  • All orders that come in this week (July 19th-24th) will automatically be entered into the HUGEST giveaway I've ever had, when you use the code: #winsarahjane

3 WINNERS will receive:

4 yards of Children at Play Fabric

1 framed 8x10 print of your choice

3 packs of greeting cards

1 blank journal

1 pack of bookplates

And other little random surprises from the shop that I'll throw in for fun.


  • Leave a comment below
  • Make a purchase in the shop and enter the code #winsarahjane in the "note to seller" box at the time of check out. One order will equal one giveaway entry.
  • Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about all these new items in the shop as well as the giveaway with the hash tag: #winsarahjane
  • Like me on Facebook and post about the new items or giveaway to your wall. Then leave a comment on my facebook post mentioning your post.
  • Giveaway closes on Sunday July 24th, at 10 pm Eastern Standard time

So, the more you do, the more chances you have! To enter, you must comment. Everything after that just increases your chances!

Best of luck to you, and thank you so much for all your support! To offer my illustrations and designs to the world is really so fulfilling to me, and appreciate all your support! Your support is what helps me keep doing this, and allows me to stay at home with my kids.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


sarah jane

{COMMENTS CLOSED! Winners will be announced on Tuesday!}

EDIT: Winners have been released! Stephanie, Tracey and craftymom2princessC are the lucky winners!

How I chose the winners: I compiled all the comments, tweets facebook entries and purchases with the code #winsarahjane, and numbered them all 1-829 taking great care to make sure everyone's entry was accounted for. I then used to generate 3 random numbers. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to you all for showing such awesome support.