Bunny & Egg Easter DIY

IMG_7024-Edit Easter is so soon, and I'm so excited. We have so many family traditions that circle around this holiday, but it still sneaks up on me....especially since Easter is in March. Yikes!sarah jane embroidery 1

Addie wanted to sew and stitch some kind of Easter pillow, and so we spent some time this weekend making it together. She is so crafty and artsy, it's so fun to finally have a buddy in all this. She's at that age where she can really learn how to do it herself!

IMG_6939 copy

So I drew up an idea, and then she drew up her idea....and we met in the middle. I wanted to sew up a big colorful egg, she wanted a bunny, so we made a bunny holding a big colorful egg.

The best part about these projects is that they can be turned into anything. Wall art, pillows, you name it.



And of course, bunny needed a scarf. So we started there.





The best part is that I got a little helper to work the pedal underneath. Go team!



Then I grabbed some random fabrics from my stash, and sewed strips together (You might recognize some new fabric of mine you haven't seen yet...coming in the spring! hush, hush:)

Then I used the egg template and pinned it to the sewn scraps. I cute about 1/4 inch around the template, ironed down the edges, and pinned onto the bunny design. Sewing it down in a perfect oval isn't my specialty. But hey. It's a darn cute egg, ya?


And then we stitched and stitched! It's a super fast little job.

But when I got to the tail, I just knew it needed some texture. The kids would love a little cotton tail.

So, yarn pom pom's it was.

make a pom pom

Stitch it onto the little tail, and you've got yourself a little cottontail bunny holding a really awesome egg, and ready to be made into something special.

sarah jane embroidery 2

I've made the Bunny template for you, so all you have to do it trace it onto some fabric. You can decide what you want to stitch, or what you want to sew on. So many variations!

Have fun! I'd love to see your pictures. Don't forget to share on my embroidery FLICKR page, or on Facebook...or wherever you like to follow me around:) And if you like this, don't forget to share on Pinterest!

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Happy Spring everyone! And happy making!!