poppies and things

poppies.web Do you feel it?

Do you love the changing of the season?

Ohmygoshohmygosh. I'm raising my hand super high.

I'm so ready to shed off winter for good. And I'm starting to see and feel color again. I like winter. I really do. Especially here when there is lots of white snow, and we get winter light warming us in the library, and the winter animals that come out....But I'm kinda-sorta-officially done.

Give me flowers and give me color.

This illustration came to my head this week, and I had to put it on paper.

I'm still in the throws of catch up mode here at home. On all fronts: making books and making my laundry room (closet) look like it wasn't attacked by some alien explosion. But I've snuck in rearranging furniture, planning out new plants to put in the yard, and thinking about new art for the walls. And stitching and eating fresh greens.....

And stocking up on more band-aides and ice packs again cause little knees and feet aren't used to all this excitement.

I'm starting to feel like me again:)


This print is available here in the shop.

PS: I almost forgot to mention! Today is  big birthday for my darling, amazingly efficient assistent Ann who runs the shop. She really deserves a big high 5 for everything she does. We've had a lot of hiccups this year with some transitions happening behind the scenes, and I couldn't run this machine without her. Say Happy Birthday! And Cha-cha-cha:)

Hugs and kisses for spring!