eight years, five people, three babies and my one really big crush.

Eight years ago today was the best day of my life up to that point. I got to marry the man of my dreams! Tall, dark and handsome. Spontaneous and full of energy. Smart and ambitious. Wildly talented. A man convinced that love makes it all better. Hilariously funny. Deeply concerned about my own happiness and willing to take the longest ride of his life. So far, it has been nothing but WONDER.FULL! I am crazy about you BABE! It just keeps getting better!

Today, We got the best anniversary present. I got to hear the heartbeat of the littlest member of our family. YES!!!! WE ARE HAVING A BABY THIS SUMMER (I am 12 weeks along) and it has been the hardest secret to keep: especially to those that know me. I have been one big ball of yucky since September! I actually was pregnant in early September, and then miscarried, only to get pregnant immediately after, which essentially added an extra month to what I have classified as full-blown-yucky-land. Morning, noon and night of hovering over the toilet. Thankfully, I am starting to feel better and now I am really starting to show. (Ok, in actuality, I was showing since day one...as this is baby #3, my belly doesn't stay little anymore...as you can clearly see in the picture above!)

But all is well and we are THRILLED to be adding a new addition to the family!!! Addie and Ian are thrilled, and talk to my belly constantly. I absolutely love that they can be apart of this! Addie and Ian are 12 months apart, so Addie was not even aware of Ian coming...which was just fine! I had enough concern for both of us! But now, the two of them actually get to be part of this whole process, and I love it! Addie even got to hold the stethoscope!

We are still in the throws of moving. I will hopefully have pictures soon of our new place. Right now we have no phone, TV or internet and I am actually loving it. Like, REALLY loving it. It makes my world smaller, but more full. I nearly feel like we live in a cabin away from it all. And what a better way to celebrate an anniversary. And a new heartbeat. And Christmas. And life.

Happy holidays to all! Enjoy your family time! Can't say when I will be in again...Internet will be out for a while. In the mean time, I am reading some REALLY great novels...between cat naps of course! Baby on board makes mama pretty sleepy these days:)

xoxo Sarah Jane:)

Happy Site Friday: Pandora

I have been hooked to PANDORA for a year. I can't think of a better way to get a mix of music and at the same time find new artists and songs you have never been introduced to. I.love.pandora. Almost as much as my ipod. Currently I am listening to my "college of king's choir christmas" mix. Get's me in the mood. But Feist and A Fine Frenzy are getting my going when I need a break from holiday music. What is your favorite Pandora mix? What comes out of your secret box?

oil love.

We are in the middle of it all at the moment...moving I mean...and though I love the idea of being out, I am not loving the idea of living with boxes and junk everywhere. I do love that I have been able to uncover some things that I have had to put away for a while. My oil paints. After Addie started walking, I realized that I would have to find another way of making merry...thus my present photoshop addiction. But it is in oils that I first started my painting adventures. Sure, drawing is always first. But I was lucky enough to start private art lessons at the age of 10, and after one painting in acrylic, my teacher let me switch over to oils, and I have been hooked ever since. The smell, the feel, the sheen...oil paint is honestly sacred to me:)

I haven't painted since 3 years ago today when I finished my first and last portrait painting. It was a Christmas present for my husband. I can still remember Addie crawling at my feet while I painted this!

I think that this other painting was also done that same month, my last landscape painting since the day I put my paints away.

And today, when I pulled out my paints from storage, I was wishing I could get my hands dirty again. Messy and DIRTY. Someday! Small space living allows room for the most important things...and someday, this will be important again. But right now, I would rather have my babies crawling at my feet...but oh, the smell of these tubes did give my heart a flutter!

newsworthy news.

At the moment, I truly wish I was doing a little of this right now. Or sewing stockings. Or decorating for christmas. Or baking gingerbread.

Instead, I am packing boxes and bedding and bags full of our HOUSE!

Yes. We are moving. This week. Yes, crazy for sure. Thankfully we will be with my parents for Christmas which means Addie's tears about the lack of a christmas tree will be soothed very soon. But in fact, they are just excited about the move right now which is a good distraction at the moment.

We are moving into my Grandmother's 'guest cottage' I guess you could call it. When My grandparents built their house years ago, they built a second smaller house for my widowed and blind great-grandmother.It has since become the home of my uncle and his family, but they just moved out this weekend. and we are moving in for the time being. We couldn't be more thrilled. Mostly to have change, a yard, single family living and to be neighbors with my now widowed grandmother. My children love her to pieces, and I do too. We will also be 3 blocks away from my widowed grandfather which makes this a doubly great set up. Combined with the honor of living in the same dwelling that my late grandfather built by hand, and my Great grandmother lived and died in...a woman I don't have any memories of...is the best Christmas present ever!

So, with the chaos of moving in the middle of the busiest time of year (and my anniversary, um...let's celebrate in January my dear!) There are just a few things you can expect in my shop:


**My LAST ORDERS WILL SHIP DEC. 15th. The end. Period. Taking a break until the new year:) And hopefully you will be done with your Christmas shopping then anyways:)

**I have 15 more calendars and 5 sets of card packs left in my shop. When they are gone, they are gone!

**I will be working through the move, but will not have internet for the upcoming weekend. Orders will ship on time.

Other news:

I was featured in my local paper this morning, along with some other local ETSY artists. So honored to be featured! And so excited that my local community is catching on to the complete coolness of ETSY. Love it. Read the full article here.

I can't wait to show you pictures of our new dwelling. Hope I can show you soon! I will be in and out of the blogging world this week, so see you around...and thanks for being so wonderful. Truly. I am wishing I could throw a house warming party for you all! hmmmmmm....wassail anyone?


sarah jane

Happy Site Friday: Danielle Thompson

 Is it really that  bad to want to be someone else for just a day? I will be totally honest with you. I want to sit in this woman's house and soak up her inspiration. Danielle Thompson is oozing with more talent than humanly possible. Photographer, designer, decorator, crafter, artist, business owner, mom. Her colors pop and her art has so much life. I LOVE that I just found her blog and her website. She has created a design team for her products that she sells her crafty goodness on her ETSY site and she also sells her digital kits on Two peas in a bucket. She is brilliant. And I just feel happy when I see her images. How can you not? Total eye candy.

Visit her blog

Visit her shop

Visit her Flickr

Visit her other shop

Happy Friday! Enjoy!