New Embroidery Pattern PDFS

Well, well well!

It took me long enough! So many of you have been camping at my doorstep with sleeping bags waiting for these to come. And so hello! Here they are!

8 new embroidery designs are here and ready for you to play with!

I've been working on these for WAY too long...tweaking, getting the colors right, the instructions right...and all of that. I've had embroidery patterns in the shop before, but these are different. They are full color, full guides and full of fun!

So, let me introduce you:

For the most part, these designs were created with the beginner in mind. But there are a few that have some really fun tricks that I plan on showing off a bit more in the coming weeks. But all the designs have stitching guides as well as how to create all the stitches required.

And really....if you are new to stitching, you can do these! I's so fun and very magical to stitch up a design on your own. Not to mention that there are so many ways to use the embroidery once it's finished...tea towels, pillows, wall art, aprons, the list goes on and on.

{Dress pattern by   Oliver & S  }

{Dress pattern by Oliver & S}

A while back, I asked a lot of you to help me with my embroidery patterns, and I had SO much help! It was amazing. But what learned from that experience, is that we all stitch differently and have different approaches. What I was able to do from all of that help, is see how my patterns were working and where they needed more clarification. So, I can honestly say that these designs have been worked through and are ready for the world!

I hope you enjoy these designs. I plan on coming out with new ones with every fabric collection. Many of these are meant to go with the CHILDREN AT PLAY line, and they work so well! I can't wait to see what you all do with them!!

But, since the fabric won't be in stores for a couple more weeks, it's smart to start the stitching now. Even though these designs are meant to be simple (some are more advanced!) they still take time! But ooooooohhhh so therapeutic!

Oh, and these are just the PDF's. Iron-ons will be available at the beginning of July. You can make your own iron-ons from these PDF's or you can wait till July! Stay tuned!


I'll be starting a flickr group soon, so stay tuned! I'd love to see all your designs:) And thanks again to ALL of you who were a part of the process: Julie for stitching so many of the final pieces, all of you who stitched my drafted patterns to see if they were working or not, my husband who put up with me poking my fingers during intense movies that really could have done without interruption...the list goes on.

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Spread the word...and happy stitching!