Introducing: On Parade panel and a floor pillow project

Hello! I'm back to show you some more fun we've had with this fabric. Children at Play was designed with a lot of projects in mind. As a designer, I really had to think about how this fabric would be used with children in mind: I thought about clothing, bedding, interiors and quilts. You'd think, "Well, of course...that includes it all!" But, when you are designig fabric, you really need to think about the end result. And this panel print was intended to be a runner for the bottom of skirts and dresses, but I hadn't realized how well it works for bedding or like this....floor pillows.

Now that I have this fabric in my hands, it's really amazing to see it in use. Being my first line, I've never had the experience of having something in my head translate into something in my hands like this. I mean, to see your illstrations on paper is one thing. But to have your children snuggle up and sit on them is another. I am still pinching myself!

This is called On Parade, and it runs on both sides of the selvedge, so it can get double use.The one below is with the Rocket Launch Club and Rocket Prints. I am rather addicted...and want to make so many more!

I found this floor pillow tutorial on Living with Punks, and this panel print works perfectly for it. It's inspired by the floor pillows at Pottery Barn, and are really nice because they are flat on the top, and they have a handle for the children to move around the house. Here's the post with pictures and instructions.

I will add that we added an inch to the top, and good 5 inches to the length of the side fabric to make it a wee bit bigger.  I also added some upholstery grade iron-on lining (by Pellon) to make it a bit more ready for lots of wear. You can get it at any general fabric store. It's a pretty easy project, and really fun to make!

My kids love these. They really are the perfect portable furniture! I am SO glad I found this tutorial. They are getting a lot of use, and I think we need some more around the house. Right now we use them in the "library" (our living room) since we don't really have much furniture in the house. So I just had to share...I think you'll love making them too! Have fun!