Sew& Stitch Embroidery: Book review and giveaway!

book_cover_web There is a new embroidery book on the block!

And I'm so excited to fill you in on how amazing it is.


I love hand stitching. Love, love love it. I've loved developing my own patterns over the years, and I must say that Penguin and Fish's Patterns and designs have always been an inspiration to me.


Alyssa's book is super new and fresh, because her style is new and fresh. I love how she doesn't get fussy about fancy stitches, rather she uses the stitches to really bring out the illustrative aspect of her art. Her animals are just to die for, and she adds just the right amount of texture and layers to her technique.



Her book is full of great patterns, as well as very thoughtful chapters on execution. It's funny, because so many people will tell me that they get intimidated by embroidery, and I keep sayin' "It's like drawing with a needle." And it's true! But especially with Alyssa's designs...they are simple and deceivingly easy to stitch.


One thing that Alyssa has really become known for, is her oversized stitching. I remember seeing it up close at my very first Quilt Market a few years back, and being so inspired! What a brilliant idea! And this book takes is like 5 steps further. Look how amazing!

sew-and-stitch-octopus sew-and-stitch-jumping

You can find the book here and here, and make sure to visit Alyssa at her blog and website! 


And today, I'm giving away a single copy to one lucky winner!


1) Leave a comment below

2) Visit Penguin & Fish and have a look around and their lovely patterns

3) Come back and see the winner in a week!

Entries close Tuesday night, Midnight EST

Happy Stitching!



CONGRATS TO atexasmomof2 for winning!