INTRODUCING: New Embroidery Patterns

Wild Horse PDF Embroidery Pattern by Sarah Jane

I'm so very thrilled to be offering you these new embroidery patterns available now in the shop! There has been a 2 year gap between new patterns, and I think it's about time to bring you some new inspiring designs! 

This pattern, called Wild Horse, is inspired from my Wee Wander fabric line, and it's one I've had in my head for a long time. I wanted to give you the option of being able to stitch it either in an outline or I think both really offer a different feeling. There is something about the texture that I just love in the filled design, and I wanted to show you what it could look like as a split stitch, following the direction of the natural horse hair. 

But also, with the open version, it feels whimsical and light, and so you are welcome to try both! 

Firefly Garden, also inspired from the Wee Wander fabric line, is a chance to stitch both children and flowers, and I had so much fun with this one. It's a great sampler can use it just for the floral sampler. But I love this little scene of the children catching fireflies...something that is so fun and easy to stitch with a french knot and little glowing light stitches. It makes me so happy! 

Choose Happy is a motto I've always stood by, and one that we talk a lot about as a family. Happiness is a choice! Doesn't matter your circumstances, how people treat you or what's going on in your outside environment....Happiness is something you get to choose. And I wanted to create a stitching pattern around that felt simple yet inspiring. I love the stitching on this, and it's a really fun pattern to make! 

Each one of these patterns are PDF Downloads only, which really allows me to get them into as many hands as possible! Each pattern comes with a color guide, a stitching guide, a tracing view as well as a transfer view and photographs to give you inspiration and guidance as you stitch! 

I hope you enjoy stitching these! With the holidays coming, I can see these as wonderful gifts to share with your loved ones. Happy Stitching!