Three little birds...

The past few weeks have been so great as I've been working on new embroidery patterns to be release OH so soon. I've just loved turning drawings into patterns for needlework!

I've always LOVED needlework. When I was a little girl, my mother's best friend embroidered a piece that was on my wall. It was a "one-two-buckle-my-shoe" design on stretched linen. I think it was a Sun-bonnet Sue kinda design...but I loved running my fingers over the bumps and texture. It was like touchable art!

So, the trend of hand-embroidery that is coming back oh-so-strongly has me tickled! The possibilities! We all want design for our kids, right? But to make it yourself, and have it be something that they can touch and feel and see....and something you made? Perfect fit if you ask me. It's so theraputic to stitch too....and much easier than it looks if you haven't tried yet.

This design, stitched by the amazing Julie (I've had to divi out some of the stitching with the deadline of Quilt Market coming up soon!) is inspired from this design.

And I have to say that the phrase from this song is always a huge pick me up. Especially this version makes me happy EVERY SINGLE TIME! Do you love it as much as we do? If you come over in the mornings at breakfast, you will most likely see me and my kids dancing in the kitchen to this sweet song. So I had to design something for me to always think of it.

And there are more designs coming based on the new fabric collection coming out next month....oooh....eee...ahhh! Can't wait to show that one!

Ok. I'm a little excited. Sorry...but I just had to show you just a little. Stay tuned for more!