Wow. She has a Facebook Page.


I'm taking a break from the creative "wow-ness" to say...Wow! There's lots going on!

Wow....You know that line from White Christmas? When Bing Crosby is asked by Danny Kaye "What's 'Wow?'" And Bing Crosby says, "Somewhere between "Ouch" and "Boing-g." That's about how I'm feeling right now.

This fabric line is coming together, and there's lots to do to show it off properly....but more on that later. Patience, patience!

So, Quilt Market is coming up oh so close. Will you be there? I'll give you updates on my booth closer to the event, but if you are...yay! It will be a party.

To get ready for the first peeks of fabric, and designs coming out, I've gone and made myself a Facebook Fan Page. I know...I'm old school. I haven't had a page till now. So (and insert silly chuckle here) "Wanna 'Like' Me?"

Sounds so Junior High. It kinda is. But I do look forward to getting more personal feedback from all you Facebookers. There's lots coming up that I want to post about, and I want to get it all out there. So, thumbs up?

I took some pictures of some particularly clean spots in my studio. Notice how you don't see any floors or table shots? Eh-hem. Purposeful photography here folks.

So, a sum up (especially if you are viewing in a reader) here's all the places you can keep in touch with all going on in the next couple weeks (and's just that there is a lot to show in the next coupla weeks!)

  • Facebook Me here.
  • Pin me here
  • Tweet me here
  • Flickr me here
  • Send me chocolate here.
  • Just kidding.
  • No really...I could use some double dark just about now.

Ok! Back to the Studio!