Julian Hector: Book Review and Giveaway

{EDIT: I'm extending this giveaway through Monday! Good luck!}

Are you loving these picture book reviews & giveaways? I am.

Today is another special, special treat.

Julian Hector, illustrator of The Gentleman Bug, The Little Matador and This is the Firefighter (and one of our family's favorite new illustrators) has just release a new book: Monday is One Day.

Before I tell you a little about the book, let me introduce the illustrator a bit.

I first discovered Julian's work shortly after The Little Matador came out. There is such an innocence in his characters (which I appreciate so much!) and his pages seemed so reminiscent of the original Curious George illustrations...in a good way. His characters are so simple, yet alive and very well thought out. That, and I love a picture book with really great line work (since that is what I lean towards myself!). But he draws you in with his really endearing characters, and just enough going on in the page to keep you looking, but never overwhelms you. It's always fun to see the books that I appreciate artistically be a hit with the little readers: sign of a truly great artist!

And get this: When he shipped me the autographed book I'm giving away, he also sent me some original illustrations! Ahhhh! Can you believe it? These are definitely getting framed and put up in my playroom.

This one of his sketches for Little Matador (about a little boy who doesn't want to be a bull fighter like all his fathers before him...he just really wants to be an artist).

And this is a sketch is from Monday is One Day.

So.....Here's the synopsis: A short and sweet picture book about working parents counting down the days until the weekend....when parent and children are together. But it's more than that...it's about the moments that are cherished EACH day even though there is separation during the week from school and work. So sweet.

It starts out:

"The hardest part of going to work is being apart from you.

Let's count the days until till we're both at home with special things to do."

And then it goes on:

"Monday is one day: One safe snuggly cuddle.

Tuesday's blue shoes day:

Two stomps in a puddle."

And so on.

Don't you love that setting sun?

This is a great "I love you" book for the working family...which is all of us! My kids just don't like it at all when Dad goes to work. It's a perfect Father's Day Book!

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Good luck!

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