A mother's heart and some changes:

Oh gosh. Today is a big day. I'm standing by the front door having just sent 2 of my 3 children to full day school today, and I just can't get a grip on how I feel about this.There is one (really adorable) one left. But just one. Not as noisy and crazy, and I'm finding it rather like being naked in a way.

Part of me is so ready. Last year, I spent  most of the day back and forth in the car between full day school, and part day kindergarten, and between that and regular mommy stuff, I couldn't get 2 seconds to myself during the day. Forced to start my work at 8pm, I was exhausted. Plain beat. I don't do well on little sleep, and that's all I could get last year. And the year before that! And...well, you get the idea. We're full speed at this house:)

This year, with both children in school all day, I just have Ella at home which will free me up considerably (and she's even starting preschool...so this is a huge change!). It will be good to spend time with just the baby. Although, she's not so baby anymore!

So, I don't plan on working nights like I have the past 4 years. It will also mean I can get the gym, lose the weight I've gained from the past couple years of no sleep, and get a working day rhythm. I'm really looking forward to that! Illustrating and working in the daylight hours? That's gonna be weird.

But not working when the kids are home has been my goal. That doesn't always happen, especially in the summer, but I really try and just be "home" when they are. With work becoming more and more important for us to sustain, this change really does come at the perfect time! But, oh it really has always been a conflict for me. I love doing what I do, but deadlines drive this industry and it can often make for a stressed out Mommy. So a quieter house will be a welcomed guest.


....at the same time, I'm feeling so lonely. We've been together, the 5 of us, ALL SUMMER and man we have had so much fun. They are my muses. We spent 6 weeks on the East Coast at my parents house, with no other playmates but each other. It was amazing. And now it's going to be really quiet. Do I really have kids old enough to leave home for 7 hours a day? I'm starting to see the wrinkles in my face already:) Gosh, a Mother's heart is so complex, isn't it!

Bottom line, I'm going to miss having everyone home all the time, but I do love creative projects. And it will be VERY good for me to really work without the guilt of squeezing in time when they don't notice, or staying up super late. I really want to build this little space that I've created in Sarah Jane, and I'm ready to hit the drawing board. I've got a lot of really great opportunities and ideas, but with this new start, I also want to hear from YOU!

What would YOU like to see this year at Sarah Jane? I've got more time carved out, and while it's never big enough for the dreams in my head, I really would love to hear your wishes and ideas too.

So are you ready? Ready for a great new year here in the studio? I'm going to be posting a survey where you can share your ideas with me. I'll probably have it up sometime in the next 24 hours, but I wanted to give you a heads up so you can be thinking. I really want to consider the wishes that you have!

So stay tuned, and know that if there are any other mothers out there with that first week of school mother heart syndrome, I'm with you. All the way. Now to get busy making fun and pretty things for them to ease my Mother Heart.



NYC state of mind

NYC has always been one of my favorite cities.

I remember as a child, visiting and being so aware of the energy of possibility in this town. It's seriously so tangible! Kenneth and I got away (for an entire week!) sans kids and I'm still on a high. Getting away period is a trip enough. I adore my kids, but recharges are necessary, aren't they? And since we're still visiting with my parents, this was the perfect chance to sneak away for a bit. I needed to head up there for some jobs I'm working on anyways, so it was the prefect mix of play and work.

Coming away from this amazing town, I'm always filled with the sense that ANYTHING is possible. I've always had that sense about me, and maybe it comes from visiting places like NYC. I love the feeling of ingenuity and creativity. It's  my kind of inspiring.


Purl Soho

Need I say more? I stocked up on some much needed Liberty fabric. These are needs, not wants, folks.

New York Public Library.

Ken and I went in to work for a few hours, but I ended up illustrating and working in the children's section while he studied in the main (gorgeous) study area. Sitting feet away from the original Winnie the Pooh animals belonging to Christopher Robin with my sketchbook wide open, I was channeling some major vibes for sure!

And look, Eeyore even has a pinned on tail.

Rosen & Chadick: 

If you have to hit ONE fabric store in the garment district, I'd send you here.  Really amazing selection! I walked into Rosen & Chadick in the Garment District, and what do I see first as I walk in? Children at Play! That made my day:) I spent a good 2 hours there, and fell in love with the owner and their really amazing selection of fabric. If you are in town, stop by for sure. I spent way too much money...but it's research, right? Happy place.


Color, Color, color. I used to travel a lot, before kids. I forgot how much it fills up my senses, and inspires me in so many ways! Soaking in so much design, color, sounds and people is just what the doctor ordered. Much needed retreat.

The Food. 

Maybe I want to be a food blogger now. A NYC food blogger, and get the excuse to travel the city and blog about it all. Still can't forget the Kati Rolls I had or that amazing Shrimp Tarragon roll at Chealsea Market.


We had such a blast visiting with some of our favorite people here.  Michael Miller, Harper Collins Childrens Books, Oliver & S, and other peeps are located here, and there were some fun times! Michael Miller's place is a blast. Karen (at the top) is my art director at MMF, and we had the chance to work in person. What a treat! She's so talented and I just love working with the team there.

I seriously love this city. But really, what I have loved most is the chance to get away and be filled. As a mom and an artist, getting away is SO important. After 7 days of working and illustrating and exploring this city withKen, I'm seriously ready to jump into the start of a whole new year (and hit the gym after so many yummy food stops!). I'm thinking that mini-trips are part of taking care of the soul. It's hard to make the sacrifice, but it's just what the doctor ordered!

Soul Trips. I like that.



Hi! How are you?

HI you guys! I feel so out of touch...it's been a while!

Over on this end, we've had a lot of deadlines and family stuff. We are spending the rest of the summer with my parents back east, which is marvelous! But....if you were part of the great storm situation here...we've had a hard time getting our internet working with all the power issues. So, while it's been AWESOME to be disconnected...I have so much to catch you up on!

First up, I had a birthday yesterday which was just perfect. The first birthday I've spent with my parents since I think I was 19 or 20. And I'm quite a bit older than that now;)  I had the most romantic and delicious food over the weekend that you may have seen on facebook or instagram.  I feel so lucky & blessed!

And while I'm here, I'm taking some time to really sit back and make plans...relax....catch up....be with family....and really just have a change of scenery. Things get so busy at home, and sometimes it just takes getting out of your own house to start fresh...you know?

And lastly...This week we are starting the OUT TO SEA D.I.Y. Blog Tour!! I'll talk more about that tomorrow. But starting this Wednesday, and then every Wednesday until we are done, I'll be posting Free DIY's and tutorials for the projects from my Quilt Market Booth, as well as other projects that you can get the patterns and tutorials for. Because..... the OUT TO SEA fabric collection starts shipping out very, very soon! (Aug.4th to be exact)

So...there you have it. I'll be around lots more...sorry for the absence!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend! I'll see you tomorrow to get us all started on this Awesome blog tour!!




Ok. I need some major help here. This baby of mine turns 3 by the end of the month, and I don't really know what to do with myself. The other day, she woke up from a nap, and I grabbed my camera because she is growing up too fast!

She's not a baby-baby any more, and I'm going a little bit crazy.  Suggestions??!??

Thank goodness she has the cutest baby faces, and she cuddles me like she's still an infant. She calls me "Moth-er" and nuzzles me like a puppy. She's my angel baby.

But three years old? There has got to be a ban on that sort of thing.

Quilt Market Part 1: Behind the Scenes

http://youtu.be/SEk0RN5bitI Ok. I'm back!

So...Quilt Market. Out to Sea Fabric. Michael Miller awesomeness. I'm ready to share all.

But not all at once!

Here's a little video we put together of set up.

It was so, so awesome to tackle this project of putting up a booth with my best friend and partner in crime.

We had a lot of challenges getting the booth up (more on that later!) but after winning the Creativity Award, I think it was all worth it!



The Cherry on top

I am slowly emerging from the recovery of Quilt Market! It was a fantastic show! I want to share it all with the detail it deserves, which means I'll be posting all the yummy details next week.

The show was in Kansas City, which was a good 2 day drive. On the way home we ran into some car troubles which had us at our front door at 4 am. Painful, when we realized that Kenneth would be leaving for work at 6:15. Ouch.

But as beat down tired as we were, and with all the successes of the week at Market that we had, opening the front doorand walking into this project of Addie's that she placed right on the foyer rug, made it ALL worth it.

Translation: "Please don't ruin it. Signed, Addie"

But the real translation is: "I have missed you so much. So while you were gone for the week, I was sewing and designing too, just like you. It's my own special way of saying I want to be just like Mom and Dad."

If it weren't 4 am, and I wasn't so exhausted and bleary eyed, I would have burst into tears.

She had spent a day designing, cutting, sewing and pinning her own dress. My heart just wanted to burst. I haven't even really taught her how to do any of that, but she's been watching I guess. In all the hustle and bustle of prepping for the show, she wanted more than anything to do what her mom was doing. Sometimes when things get really busy here before a show, I always have such a careful eye on the children to make sure that they are still feeling loved, cared for and not feeling neglected...which could EASILY happen if I am not careful. This calmed my worried-mother heart in one single moment. Knowing that my kids take pride in what I do, and feel part of it in their own way, is the best feeling ever. All was well.

The details really shocked me. 3/4 length sleeves (at matching sizes) an open diamond back, stitching of some dirt and grass on the bottom hem....my only trouble now is how to sew it in one piece so we can take it off the model:)

And oh the pride when she woke up and showed us.

Quilt Market was a huge success. We won an award, had fantastic reception and over all it was worth all the work.

But this topped it off. Nothing could make me more delighted then my little girl trying her hand at it too.

Looks like we have some Mommy-daughter sewing to do all summer!

And if you want some details of market, make sure to check out Facebook and Instagram!

I'll be posting lots more next week! Happy Memorial Day weekend!





For a little Utah Mamma to get away for a couple days to work, refresh, recharge and reunite in NYC makes for a trip I'm not going to forget for a long time.

What started as a excuse to walk a couple trade shows, turned into a business/getaway trip where I got more accomplished in 3 days that I normally do in 3 months.

Turned out that when I went looking for a roommate to save on hotel bills, my Mom and sister jumped at the chance to visit our favorite city.

Most of the time was spent in meetings, working on projects, eating food I'd never get in Utah, walking and absorbing all the city has to offer, and letting my spirit recharge. Oh, and staying up till 2 am laughing our heads off. Nothing like girl time.

I'm constantly amazed at the diversity of architecture in this city. So mind thrilling.

And what's a trip to NY without boutique hopping. Wishing that I couldn't have taken more photos, but of course, most places are so strict about taking photography. Good thing I had my sketchbook! So much inspiration!

And the coolest thing? I had a friend there the same time, and she snapped this picture at FAO Swartz in NYC! Really? Children at Play fabric on 5th Ave? That was a surprise!

(If any of you knows this clothing brand, I'd love to know!)

OH. And major highlight of the trip. Amazing!

And I have to leave you with an image that pretty much embodies old meets new. Pretty amazing how this world has changed....and hasn't.

It's been 8 long years since I've been back to the big apple, and oh how I've missed this place! So much color and artistic stimulation...all packed into 3 short days. I'll be back soon.


Smart Creative Women

click here to watch

Good Morning!

I'm super thrilled to introduce to you a new wonderful friend, Monica Lee. She is amazing. She has launched a site called Smart Creative Women where she video interviews women who have marked their path in some way in their respective creative businesses. She herself is a textile and paper designer, and has dedicated this new phase of her life to making available the advice and stories of women who have been able to make a business out of their creative calling! She has created such a great resource for so many of us!

The interview is 45 minutes long and we talk about my personal path to what I'm doing now, and the ups and downs along the way...which hopefully includes some inspiration and advice for those looking for it! My one disclaimer is that my computer (at the time) only reveals the parts of wall that are currently blah and uncovered (sorry! boring:) But it's a great interview and Monica is actually the smart one because she is the one that gets to learn from amazing women like Dena Designs, Amy Butler, Betz White, Khristian Howell, etc. I've learned so much from listening to her interviews! So, so worth it!

Thank you Monica for the great morning together!