For a little Utah Mamma to get away for a couple days to work, refresh, recharge and reunite in NYC makes for a trip I'm not going to forget for a long time.

What started as a excuse to walk a couple trade shows, turned into a business/getaway trip where I got more accomplished in 3 days that I normally do in 3 months.

Turned out that when I went looking for a roommate to save on hotel bills, my Mom and sister jumped at the chance to visit our favorite city.

Most of the time was spent in meetings, working on projects, eating food I'd never get in Utah, walking and absorbing all the city has to offer, and letting my spirit recharge. Oh, and staying up till 2 am laughing our heads off. Nothing like girl time.

I'm constantly amazed at the diversity of architecture in this city. So mind thrilling.

And what's a trip to NY without boutique hopping. Wishing that I couldn't have taken more photos, but of course, most places are so strict about taking photography. Good thing I had my sketchbook! So much inspiration!

And the coolest thing? I had a friend there the same time, and she snapped this picture at FAO Swartz in NYC! Really? Children at Play fabric on 5th Ave? That was a surprise!

(If any of you knows this clothing brand, I'd love to know!)

OH. And major highlight of the trip. Amazing!

And I have to leave you with an image that pretty much embodies old meets new. Pretty amazing how this world has changed....and hasn't.

It's been 8 long years since I've been back to the big apple, and oh how I've missed this place! So much color and artistic stimulation...all packed into 3 short days. I'll be back soon.