What's going on over here, and such


We are busy and buzzing here in our Quilt Market prep! It's crazy! I forgot how crazy. But it's fun! Maybe if you came over and brought donuts it'd be even more fun. Wanna come?

Before I dive into the week, I wanted to give you some "heads up" since I get emailed and contacted a lot about what's coming out when!

I told you all that I'd have a paper line coming out in May, but it has been postponed until July-ish. Some issues that naturally happen when companies combine and regroup, but not because of the line itself.

It was actually featured in Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks, Etc.   magazine this month....that was really fun! I just wanted to tell you, in case you catch the feature, that it won't be available until the end of the summer. Boo Hoo. So sorry.

You know, I'll say it here: I'm actually not much of a scrapbooker. I was a paper hoarder in my day, but honestly, I just never found the time with the other projects I've been involved with. (I LOVE Project Life, and my Made on a Mac books personally!)  So designing a line of scrapbook paper was really my way of creating paper stuff to fill other needs like: celebrations, paper decorating, paper play, etc. Still scrapbook friendly, but mostly made with paper play in mind.

So there you go. Sorry to delay it...but I wanted to say it here so you can plan accordingly!

Oh...and if you have Instagram or Facebook, I've been posting pretty regularly there, and have found it so easy and nice to keep in touch with you all! @sarahjanestudios is where you can find me... I'm dropping things in there every day, and it's so easy to respond to what you have going on! So quick and easy!

Oh, and also....many of you have emailed me with the info about a lot of my blog links being broken, or not working, etc. Most of them are fixed now, but please alert me if some are not. The RSS feed is fixed, and the MAKE THINGS section is updated. Yay!

But now back to work. This week we're doing a lot of this:

Want to guess what it is for?

Hee hee hee.