A gift for you Mothers

This week, in honor of motherhood, I'm linking up with Lil'light of Mine to offer a giveaway and free gift to all you mothers!

I absolutely love being a mom. One of the reasons I love it so much, is because my mother LOVES being a mom. It's her life's work. The older I get, the more I realize how unique she is, in that she's never treated motherhood like a secondary career, or the person she becomes when her work is done. She's a mother 24/7 and will drop anything to listen or be with her children. She loves, loves, loves, her kids, and really spends her days working and worrying and caring for them. Today actually marks a big milestone for her, in that her baby is going on a church mission for 18 months, which is a really big event for a parent (and child) because they will leave home, and only communicate through email once a week their entire service.  Today is the day that her last child isn't really a child any more. And I can only imagine how that feels.

Kids grow up. But Mothers stay Mothers. Just think about that for a moment.

Today I want to celebrate Mothers in just a small way, by first noticing what I've learned about my mom, and letting you comment with one thing that you'll go to your grave with that you've learned from yours.

I could write a mini series on all that my Mom has taught me, but I won't get all deep and mushy here. But one thing I've learned from her this year, is that she is the kind that makes little people feel important. She's extremely happy when she is with little children, and she often is seen rolling on the floor and laughing hysterically with toddlers...completely at their level. But she is also gifted in bouying up the grownups that "feel" little, and maybe don't have the social status that goes along with being recognized or valued. That is her gift. She notices the unnoticed, the small and the little..which are often the biggest people of all. She has the greater perspective that sees beyond and into what "is" and is one of those very "real" people. No fluff...just pure and real.

So, this week, I want to celebrate this amazing role of motherhood. The hardest thing I've ever done, and yet the best. Giving your all into this job takes a lot of heart, guts and courage.

I wanted to give something to you Mothers that would be special and meaningful to say thank you for the care you put into your work every day. I know, because 90% of you are moms! And I get to interact with so many of you, and it's seriously such a treat! I am so lucky that I didn't choose to work in a field with gruff, grumpy men. Truly! ha:)

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