Magnetic Paper Dolls

We interupt the hustle and bustle of getting a fabric debut and quilt market set ready.....(because frankly, I'm a little slap happy, and need a good play break) and bring to you....

More paper dolls! We love paper dolls at our house. And it's about high time that there were new ones for you!  I have never made magnetic paper dolls before (I know a lot of you do!) and now I'm hooked.

I printed them out onto magnetic printer paper, and voila! I guess you can also use magnetic craft paper and glue the doll down and cut out around the edges. This brings a whole new level to paper doll playing. Seriously. This is high tech.

I have a magnetic board for the kids where we post charts, and notes. But initially, the idea came to use a cookie sheet. Too bad I have the same cookie sheets since my bridal shower, and they are rather beat up and well loved. Not much magnetic stick left!

Magnetic dolls are so great, because they make it really fun and easy to "set" up. This collection has small little cups and treats that are fun to layer up and play with from a cookie sheet, or hanging magnetic board.

And here is a little doll and outfit FREE! The gingham blanket is so fun as a magnet:)

It's been forever since I've grabbed some Children at Play fabric to sew with. It was so nice to grab some of this again. Drawstring bags are a no-fuss sew, and now we can keep them off the floor:)

Have fun playing! I'm off to whirl and twirl and prep for another quilt market show! I'll be spilling the beans soon...but you know the drill. No peeking until it's done:)