Hi! How are you?

HI you guys! I feel so out of touch...it's been a while!

Over on this end, we've had a lot of deadlines and family stuff. We are spending the rest of the summer with my parents back east, which is marvelous! But....if you were part of the great storm situation here...we've had a hard time getting our internet working with all the power issues. So, while it's been AWESOME to be disconnected...I have so much to catch you up on!

First up, I had a birthday yesterday which was just perfect. The first birthday I've spent with my parents since I think I was 19 or 20. And I'm quite a bit older than that now;)  I had the most romantic and delicious food over the weekend that you may have seen on facebook or instagram.  I feel so lucky & blessed!

And while I'm here, I'm taking some time to really sit back and make plans...relax....catch up....be with family....and really just have a change of scenery. Things get so busy at home, and sometimes it just takes getting out of your own house to start fresh...you know?

And lastly...This week we are starting the OUT TO SEA D.I.Y. Blog Tour!! I'll talk more about that tomorrow. But starting this Wednesday, and then every Wednesday until we are done, I'll be posting Free DIY's and tutorials for the projects from my Quilt Market Booth, as well as other projects that you can get the patterns and tutorials for. Because..... the OUT TO SEA fabric collection starts shipping out very, very soon! (Aug.4th to be exact)

So...there you have it. I'll be around lots more...sorry for the absence!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend! I'll see you tomorrow to get us all started on this Awesome blog tour!!