You Tell the Story.....

The result of having a million projects going at once, is that I have a million projects going at once. Translation: I find myself with very little time to illustrate for just "me." Life has been one deadline after another the past few years...back to back, on top of each other, and always pushed to the max. It's the nature of any job...but when trying to balance motherhood, marriage and home and garden, it usually means that I choose sleep over doing something for just me. I mean, don't we all?

But as I am growing as an artist, I know more than anything that taking time out to just illustrate with no agenda keeps the soul in my work.

here's a doodle I sketched out today that is an extension of another project I'm working on .


I've been thinking so much of children and their natural inclination towards imaginary play.  It makes me feel like the world is actually doing alright when I see children imagining.  Cause the world ain't doin' so hot, so I just keep to the children. They've got it all figured out.

So here's what you get to do:

Get your kids on your lap, and make up a little story about Mora. Why does she like bunnies, and what is she going to do with them? Can she really do magic or is it just pretend? No restrictions...just imagine.

I'd love to hear their stories!