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Wow! I woke up this morning to 275 votes....we did it!  I've reached the required amount to be considered thanks to you! Now onto the waiting. I won't find out until September, and there are so many qualified companies who deserve this! So the chances are very slim. But honestly...I'm so touched by how you have reached out, and I've been thinking so much about the power of community! I feel like the support here is so wonderful and I just love you all.  Dearly. In order to really grow this baby, I really do need your support. Developing new ideas and new products takes more than I have hands right now, but we'll get there! And seriously.... just the fact that within a few hours you took the time to show how much you love what I do means the world to me. And it makes me want to give you more! Thank you so much!

Hi. I need your help.

I've told my story many times before, and I won't take the time to tell it here.

But my little art business of 4 years has bootstrapped and grass-rooted its way to where it is, and I'm going to ask you for a little favor.

In order to keep growing and offer more products and designs, I'm looking for ways to get to where I hope to be someday.

Mission Small Business will only consider your business for qualification with a voting rank of 250 or more. There are thousands of applicants and only 4-12 winners. It's a long shot for sure.

But I need 250 votes in the next 72 hours to even be considered.

Can you click two mouse clicks for me?

Go here and click on LOG IN & SUPPORT and then type in Sarah Jane Studios to vote!

It will take 3 seconds. And it could mean being that much closer to developing designs and products that I've always wanted to. And hiring more help. That would be amazing.

Thanks! Feel free to share and spread the word! I don't ask of much here on my blog, but it never hurts to try!

It's a long shot for sure....but hey! I'm always up for a good challenge.

I'll keep you posted!