Where I am when I'm not here.

One of the ways that I keep myself inspired daily, is by sharing what I love in one way or another. Here on the blog, or Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest....

Did you know that I'm sharing mostly every day?

I find things I love, snap a pic and share on instagram & Facebook (and twitter too)

I find a picture that I love and I pin it, always adding to my ever changing inspiration boards.

It's my way of keeping track of the beautiful things I want to document and keep track of. And I love it, because I get to share with you! And get inspired by you!

Currently, I'm working on redesigning the kids rooms and so I'm collecting a lot of great room decor and playroom inspiration. But I'm also trying to lose weight from the past 2 (stressful!) years, and I've recently been collecting great recipes! Oh, and lets not forget kid's fashion which really inspires my fabric collections!

Anyways...I've been hanging out and chatting with you in these locations for a while now, and I don't mention it here very much!

I'm feeling the need to have some giveaways and parties over there....so hop on over to join the fun!

Hope to see you there!

Happy Friday everyone!!