All hands on deck...get ready to sew!


Ahoy there......Tomorrow is the day!

OUT TO SEA fabric ships out any day now, and I'm so excited to see your creations.

Which is why I'm launching the OUT TO SEA D.I.Y BLOG TOUR!  The idea behind this is to get your hands on all the projects made in my Quilt Market booth, and then some. I'm going to be featuring a new project every week on Wednesdays where you'll be sent to the tutorial of how to make it. I've worked with my sewers from this season to offer FREE tutorials and downloads, and I'm so grateful for their generosity!  I had very specific sewing projects needed for my booth, and so many sewers were willing to share how to make them! Each project has a story, and each project really brings the fabric to life.

So far the tour is booked out through September, so keep your sewing machine ready!

The OUT TO SEA fabric will be shipping to stores starting the end of this month. You can see my list of FABRIC STOCKISTS on my side bar with info on stores that have purchased the fabric. You can also contact your local Quilt Shop and put them in contact with Michael Miller Fabrics to order the collection.

I also just set up an OUT TO SEA Flickr Group, so as you make things PLEASE share. You inspire so many people!

So all hands on Deck....we're on a fantastic voyage! Please, Pin, share on Facebook, and share with your friends. This is going to be a great way to give people Free sewing projects! I can't wait!