OUT TO SEA blog tour: Ship Shape Tunic

We are starting to wind down on the OUT TO SEA projects, but no all the way.  Today I bring you Rae from MADE BY RAE with an adorable Ship Shape Button Placket Tutorial perfect for boys.We could all use a bit more on the boy side, right?

She is offering this pattern at 20% off for Sarah Jane readers (code: OUTTOSEA2)


I love her blog. Her latest Washi Tape Dress has become epic already, and I drooled over this On Parade dress she made for her little girl's birthday party.


Thanks Rae!


OUT TO SEA BLOG TOUR: The Sarah Jane Out to Sea Dress

So this might be the post that you are all waiting for.

I stopped counting how many emails I got with reference to this dress. And I can't wait to share!

When I was designing the products that I wanted for the booth, I drew a design for this dress, and tried to find a pattern that would match. When I couldn't find it, I emailed my friend Cally who made some dresses for Addie back when she had a shop selling her lovely creations.

Do you remember this dress from like 3 years ago? Still a favorite.

Anyways...I drew up a few designs for her, sent her a few pictures and asked if she thought she could work out a pattern. She got so excited and started figiting and I think it was the very next day that she sent me a picture of the mock up.

So, I told her that I'd be getting oddles of questions on how to make this dress, and she offered to put together a tutorial. Can you believe it? I love her.

Thank you Cally for making this Free Pattern for us all to use! It is honestly my favorite dress on Addie right now. I love that it can be dressed up or down...super cute with capri leggings and some ballet flats.


Happy Sewing!

(and do me a favor and let her know on her blog how gracious she is for doing this....a total labor of love:) 

OUT TO SEA BLOG TOUR: Milly the Mermaid part 2

So Merrillee from MerMag was so gracious to offer this free doll pattern here, and now she has the clothing ready to go!

She's been refining this pattern for a book she's working on, and is offering the Milly Mermaid clothing here at 50% just for Sarah Jane readers. She's the best.

My girls just love the details in this doll....and the fin is the best part!

Hop on over here to get the discounted pattern with code: SARAHJANE50 and you'll be ready to go!

(The discount is only good for a week....so now until Sept. 20th!)


Have fun sewing!

(And don't forget to share this project with your friends....Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter...spread the love!)

*All projects in the Out to Sea Blog tour are made especially for the OUT TO SEA Fabric Collection produced by MICHAEL MILLER Fabrics. Fabric will be shipping First week in August. For more information about the fabric visit this post or my stockists page on how to find the fabric!

OUT TO SEA BLOG TOUR: Milly the Mermaid Doll part 1

Hello lovely people!

Time for yet another free tutorial from my OUT TO SEA collection.

This mermaid was THE HIT of the booth...you should have seen the dramatic people over at Michael Miller come over to the booth JUST to show off this little doll and her detachable tail.


Merrillee who blogs at MERMAG is a crazy talented illustrator and crafter, and she asked to use my fabrics for a pattern she is releasing!

She's so generously offering the doll pattern for free, with the doll clothing being offered as a PDF pattern at a discount for Sarah Jane readers tomorrow.

It's seriously the favorite toy at our house. I just love it!


And stay tuned tomorrow for information on the mermaid outfit!

Thanks Mer! 


*All projects in the Out to Sea Blog tour are made especially for the OUT TO SEA Fabric Collection produced by MICHAEL MILLER Fabrics. Fabric will be shipping First week in August. For more information about the fabric visit this post or my stockists page on how to find the fabric!


OUT TO SEA BLOG TOUR: Out to Sea Quilt Pattern

This is a project I know many of you have been waiting for!!

When I designed the OUT TO SEA collection, I wanted to make sure to include some really fun panel prints, and border prints as I know they are becoming more and more popular to work with! This quilt is a really simple way to display those lovely larger blocks and at the same time, makes this quilt an art piece as well as a snuggly sailor quilt:)

Amy Smart, (of the ever popular blog Dairy of  Quilter) helped me put this all together. I designed the quilt with her, and she translated my vision into a perfect crib wall/quilt. She's even put together a PDF download for you to take and make yourself! And even better, if you own a fabric shop, this is a great kitting idea!


And FYI...remember this embroidery project? Well, the quilt pattern can be translated in lots of ways...here it is as a framing for the IF I HAD A SHIP embroidery Pattern. 

Thanks Amy!! 



Hello sewers! So far in this blog tour, most of the projects that I created for the launch of OUT TO SEA fabric, have all been created by myself or by others who are offering tutorials. Hasn't it been great? There are more projects ahead, don't worry! But for today, I want to mention the many patterns that I purchased  to make the booth displays!


Croquet Dress Pattern

So many of you have commented about the this Croquet Dress. Isn't it perfect?

This is an OLIVER & S pattern that I just had to have. It has a sailor dress feel, but with a twist. I LOVE the dropped waistline and the flap collar. I can't get enough of their patterns!



Another must have, is this shoulder bag. Ian, my 6 year old, is always carrying around a shoulder bag with his "collections" inside. He gets quite attached to his bags. And for this one, I used the map fabric as it covers so well. He's traveled all summer with it, and it's still holding up great!


Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts pattern

And not to miss this great outfit. The shirt is my favorite. So simple and classy! The pattern comes with the option of long and short sleeve!

(The tie was made by Mrs.Moulton)


Sweetie Pie Quilt Pattern

I didn't have a lot of time for quilts for my booth...or so I thought! I wanted to have bunk beds...to make the set feel like a nautical themed children's room....so I had to think of quilts that could be made rather quickly, but really show off the designs. Enter April from Prairie Grass Patters. She had made a quilt out of my CHILDREN AT PLAY collection, and I loved how it turned out. But rotate the petals and you get all sorts of different patterns! Charming and sweet!

I just loved using the Map Fabric for the back of some of the quilts. So much cuddle time with little fingers following along the nautical lines.


The Must Have Pillow

I love floor pillows for kids rooms. Easy to carry around and cuddle up with. This the Amy Butler "Must Have" pillow pattern. It comes in 3 different sizes, and there are so many top piecing options! it's a great way to get some extra sitting space in a kids room. Not too big at all!


Beach Bag

This Beach Bag came from  the book "Quilting in no Time" by Emma Hardy

I've used this as my church bag all summer. Love how it feels with the rope straps!

And I'm seeing more and more people start to post pictures to my Facebook page, and Flickr and Pinterest. Keep posting! I'm going to start featuring some of my favorites here in this space, to help you all get more ideas!

Happy Sewing!!


OUT TO SEA BLOG TOUR: Peter Pan Collar & Skirt tutorial

When I created the Out to Sea fabric, I had of course planned it to be for children. But I wanted to get some use out of it too! So I made sure to include textiles that were sophisticated and simple enough to wear and use myself!

(Perks of designing your own fabric is getting to design when I want to wear!)

Another GREAT perk is that this fabric is a new quality than my last....called Cotton Couture: It's a high density cotton that is VERY soft to the touch and perfect for apparel but not gauzy or too light for quilting. I knew this line would be perfect for clothing, and so I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't be harsh on the skin at all.

So when I got the fabric (12 days before Quilt Market) I needed to create an outfit out of my own fabric. And I dreamed of a navy anchor skirt with a peter pan collared blouse.

And knowing Liz of Cotton & Curls, she'd want to share how to make it...and she agreed to sew for me!

She's WAY cuter than me so I'm posting this fab pic of her wearing this elastic a-line skirt perfect for any body type!

Head on over to her (INCREDIBLE) blog and learn how to make the Peter Pan collar and Skirt!

(These were made in the Anchors Away Navy and the Sea Flowers Nacy prints)



Time for another tutorial using the Out to Sea Fabric! Head over to Tea Rose Home today. Isn't this darling? I've made an anchor template for you to download. These colors are some of my favorite for boy right now. Grey and dark orange.

And scroll down on her blog a little here, to see what she did with the "scraps" left over from the projects she made for the booth. Um. Ya. She even has tutorials for that too.


Happy making!


sarah jane