The simple joys found.

Oh hello. It feels really good to be back. You may have not noticed an absence, but I have been nearly a month without reliable internet. I have been having to go to my grandmother's to email, run the ETSY shop and make the occasional blog post. Granted, she only lives next door, but it did take a bit of planning.

Besides the fact that I was (am still) incredibly behind on emails, and have made a few mistakes with getting orders straight, I learned more than I had expected to! Life without internet is tricky when you work from home, but was a much needed break!

Lessons from a wireless-less home:

*Life is too full of wonder to think more wonder lies behind a screen.

* Emails can be attacked once a day rather than paying attention to the constant nagging of the "What-if-they-emailed-me-back" syndrome.

* Communication is a lot easier online. But much nicer on the phone.

* My children noticed a renewed focus on them. They can't say it, but they are much happier when I am not dedicating a portion of my mind to the distractions online.

*My business can do fine without my constant attention. Checking in Twice a day is just fine.

* Finding resources in books had become second to google. What a treasure to let go of Google searches and go to the library or bookshelf instead.

* Staying organized in Google Docs is only good if you have the internet. Paper lists became my support, and it felt good to sharpen more pencils.

* My home is beautiful and wonderful and I don't need it to look like a post from Apartment Therapy to feel cozy and safe and inspiring.

* Life is full of simple joys that can be forgotten when there are too many distractions around you.

But with all the lessons learned, WOW I am glad to have my missing arm back. It is just good to know now that moderation is everything. I can't wait to be blogging again, and posting more pics. It feels good to be back.

This time of year is so magical for me. Watching my kids play in the yard all day and experiencing an earth that is growing every day. I can't even get decent pictures of Ian because he becomes so transformed in his outdoor world I can't keep up with him! (The extra 35 pounds on my body has something to do with that too though!)

And in case any of you are wondering who made that darling green dress, it sure wasn't me. Cally has made me a few things over the past year or two, and I can't say enough about her incredible talents. Check out her blog here for more sewing awesomeness.

See you soon, and happy weekend!


sarah j.