The ins and outs.

My dear blog friends,

Are you completely bored with my blog by now? Do you come over to have a chat and no one is home? Who ever posts here is for sure rude! Leaving a blog up with no updates. Geesh. Bloggers.

I feel like my blog has been living in a ghost town. Only because there is actually A LOT going on behind the screen...namely getting ready for baby.

Just an update, I am 34 1/2 weeks along and technically have only 5+ weeks until the baby is due. But since I have a history of having preemies, it looks like this baby won't be an exception. I have been having regular contractions for over 3 weeks now. Thus the Ghost Town Blog.

And frankly, I am pooped! I have been getting tons of help with my shop (I have two AMAZING gals over shipping and printing.) But it looks like I will be closing down shop for a bit to keep my head on straight. This pregnancy is taking all my concentration, which it should. And with projects that need to be finished up before baby comes, I have decided to close down after the weekend. A more formal announcement will come soon, but I wanted to give you guys the heads up!

Running an ETSY shop, creating art as a business, raising 2 toddlers with a baby on the way and still trying to manage a life full of daily enjoyments has been the learning lesson of a lifetime. I am driven to work from home yet have a home where my children never feel like I work. Every day I strive to make them first and be creative with how I use my time to still stay ahead in my business. It is a challenge, let me tell you! But it's also important to remember that life has big waves that sometimes can't be surfed with a surfboard full of stuff. Simplifying is needed to take on the biggest waves! And so, I will close my doors for a bit. And's a good feeling:)

I'll still be here though. Check in to see cute belly pictures and baby pictures;) Any guess on a due date? If you think you know, fill me in! I'd love to mark my calendar:)

Thanks for all your wonderful emails, and your kind words and all your support! I just love hearing from you all, and wish I could just invite you all over for cupcakes and raspberry tea or something. And then you could watch my children put on a play for you with elaborate entrances and exits, and with handmade costumes made out of paper and tape, singing show tunes at the top of their lungs in a made up language, and then maybe you'll be glad to just read my blog...and no more:)

Have a lovely weekend!


sarah j.