A new mother.

Above my studio room, in the eaves of the roof, a nest was built. And day in and day out, I have heard the flapping wings of the Mama bird come in and out, working hard on building that nest. And then this morning, in the new light of Mother's Day, there was this incessant chirping above the ceiling from what seemed like a nest full of baby birds. Addie and I went out to check, and sure enough, that hard working black bird became a mother today. We sat on a quilted blanket under the tree and watched that mama bird fly off and catch a worm, and then fly back to her nest with chirpy, hungry babies waiting inside. She would fly off again, and 4 minutes later be back with another worm. We watched for over an hour and a half while this new Mama diligently fed her new babies...in and out of the nest, never resting. Me, with my huge belly and baby kicking; addie with her 4-year old motherly tendancies; and this new black bird mother....all enjoying a springtime mother's day. It was so magical and slendid! Besides the incredible dinner, and three hour nap I got, it was the best mother's day present to see new birth and a new mother in the nest above my studio window. Motherhood is magical! Happy mother's day to all!