OUT TO SEA BLOG TOUR: The Sarah Jane Out to Sea Dress

So this might be the post that you are all waiting for.

I stopped counting how many emails I got with reference to this dress. And I can't wait to share!

When I was designing the products that I wanted for the booth, I drew a design for this dress, and tried to find a pattern that would match. When I couldn't find it, I emailed my friend Cally who made some dresses for Addie back when she had a shop selling her lovely creations.

Do you remember this dress from like 3 years ago? Still a favorite.

Anyways...I drew up a few designs for her, sent her a few pictures and asked if she thought she could work out a pattern. She got so excited and started figiting and I think it was the very next day that she sent me a picture of the mock up.

So, I told her that I'd be getting oddles of questions on how to make this dress, and she offered to put together a tutorial. Can you believe it? I love her.

Thank you Cally for making this Free Pattern for us all to use! It is honestly my favorite dress on Addie right now. I love that it can be dressed up or down...super cute with capri leggings and some ballet flats.


Happy Sewing!

(and do me a favor and let her know on her blog how gracious she is for doing this....a total labor of love:)