OUT TO SEA Blog Tour: Mr. Narwhal

Can I tell you how excited I am for this project! Well, I'm excited for the Out to Sea Blog Tour to start in general....but I'm SO excited for this.

This guy has a story.

Meta at ONE MORE MUSHROOM will show you how to make it. But I want to tell you why he's even here.

When I was designing my collection, I needed to have Narwhals. I just HAD to! It was one of the first inspirations behind the collection. Aren't they the cutest? As I was designing my booth, I wanted it to feel like the interior of a very whimsical yet nautical children's room. Well, as I was designing the booth, it just wasn't feeling whimsical and playful enough. So I decided we needed a Narwhal wall mount. I told my husband and he was rather skeptical. But I kept telling him that it would be the sweetest thing ever! And I needed someone to make it that I would trust....and that would bring that whimsical feel that I envisioned.  So I asked Meta. Do you know Meta? She has a brand new (AMAZING!) blog where she talks children's design and decor (but with a very scandinavian feel...oooooh...it's lovely). She's ever so gifted and we "get" each other. So, I asked her about making a wall mount...and she was thrilled! Isn't he so cute? He got so many "Awwwwwww's" at market. Cutest thing!

So here it is:


Happy Making!

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*All projects in the Out to Sea Blog tour are made especially for the OUT TO SEA Fabric Collection produced by MICHAEL MILLER Fabrics. Fabric will be shipping First week in August. For more information about the fabric visit this post or Michael Miller Fabrics website