NYC state of mind

NYC has always been one of my favorite cities.

I remember as a child, visiting and being so aware of the energy of possibility in this town. It's seriously so tangible! Kenneth and I got away (for an entire week!) sans kids and I'm still on a high. Getting away period is a trip enough. I adore my kids, but recharges are necessary, aren't they? And since we're still visiting with my parents, this was the perfect chance to sneak away for a bit. I needed to head up there for some jobs I'm working on anyways, so it was the prefect mix of play and work.

Coming away from this amazing town, I'm always filled with the sense that ANYTHING is possible. I've always had that sense about me, and maybe it comes from visiting places like NYC. I love the feeling of ingenuity and creativity. It's  my kind of inspiring.


Purl Soho

Need I say more? I stocked up on some much needed Liberty fabric. These are needs, not wants, folks.

New York Public Library.

Ken and I went in to work for a few hours, but I ended up illustrating and working in the children's section while he studied in the main (gorgeous) study area. Sitting feet away from the original Winnie the Pooh animals belonging to Christopher Robin with my sketchbook wide open, I was channeling some major vibes for sure!

And look, Eeyore even has a pinned on tail.

Rosen & Chadick: 

If you have to hit ONE fabric store in the garment district, I'd send you here.  Really amazing selection! I walked into Rosen & Chadick in the Garment District, and what do I see first as I walk in? Children at Play! That made my day:) I spent a good 2 hours there, and fell in love with the owner and their really amazing selection of fabric. If you are in town, stop by for sure. I spent way too much money...but it's research, right? Happy place.


Color, Color, color. I used to travel a lot, before kids. I forgot how much it fills up my senses, and inspires me in so many ways! Soaking in so much design, color, sounds and people is just what the doctor ordered. Much needed retreat.

The Food. 

Maybe I want to be a food blogger now. A NYC food blogger, and get the excuse to travel the city and blog about it all. Still can't forget the Kati Rolls I had or that amazing Shrimp Tarragon roll at Chealsea Market.


We had such a blast visiting with some of our favorite people here.  Michael Miller, Harper Collins Childrens Books, Oliver & S, and other peeps are located here, and there were some fun times! Michael Miller's place is a blast. Karen (at the top) is my art director at MMF, and we had the chance to work in person. What a treat! She's so talented and I just love working with the team there.

I seriously love this city. But really, what I have loved most is the chance to get away and be filled. As a mom and an artist, getting away is SO important. After 7 days of working and illustrating and exploring this city withKen, I'm seriously ready to jump into the start of a whole new year (and hit the gym after so many yummy food stops!). I'm thinking that mini-trips are part of taking care of the soul. It's hard to make the sacrifice, but it's just what the doctor ordered!

Soul Trips. I like that.