The Cherry on top

I am slowly emerging from the recovery of Quilt Market! It was a fantastic show! I want to share it all with the detail it deserves, which means I'll be posting all the yummy details next week.

The show was in Kansas City, which was a good 2 day drive. On the way home we ran into some car troubles which had us at our front door at 4 am. Painful, when we realized that Kenneth would be leaving for work at 6:15. Ouch.

But as beat down tired as we were, and with all the successes of the week at Market that we had, opening the front doorand walking into this project of Addie's that she placed right on the foyer rug, made it ALL worth it.

Translation: "Please don't ruin it. Signed, Addie"

But the real translation is: "I have missed you so much. So while you were gone for the week, I was sewing and designing too, just like you. It's my own special way of saying I want to be just like Mom and Dad."

If it weren't 4 am, and I wasn't so exhausted and bleary eyed, I would have burst into tears.

She had spent a day designing, cutting, sewing and pinning her own dress. My heart just wanted to burst. I haven't even really taught her how to do any of that, but she's been watching I guess. In all the hustle and bustle of prepping for the show, she wanted more than anything to do what her mom was doing. Sometimes when things get really busy here before a show, I always have such a careful eye on the children to make sure that they are still feeling loved, cared for and not feeling neglected...which could EASILY happen if I am not careful. This calmed my worried-mother heart in one single moment. Knowing that my kids take pride in what I do, and feel part of it in their own way, is the best feeling ever. All was well.

The details really shocked me. 3/4 length sleeves (at matching sizes) an open diamond back, stitching of some dirt and grass on the bottom only trouble now is how to sew it in one piece so we can take it off the model:)

And oh the pride when she woke up and showed us.

Quilt Market was a huge success. We won an award, had fantastic reception and over all it was worth all the work.

But this topped it off. Nothing could make me more delighted then my little girl trying her hand at it too.

Looks like we have some Mommy-daughter sewing to do all summer!

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I'll be posting lots more next week! Happy Memorial Day weekend!