Time to make some changes

Ok. This post has some mixed feelings involved. I have always been a split personality when it comes to cleaning house: I LOVE throwing things away and getting rid of junk. But there is part of me that does like to hold onto the sentimental value in stuff. Especially when it represents a lot of work, time and energy. Most of these prints hold a place in my heart because they marked a beginning....

But here's the deal:

I'm a real person with a real house, and a real family. Just this year, we brought our shop back into the house, and while it's been wonderful to have things in my hands again, I am realizing (like I do every day of my life) that I can't (nor do I want to) do it all.

Raising three small children, keeping up an (old) house and (big) yard, running a shop out of the basement, designing fabric and books and still having a totally awesome relationship with my very amazing husband is no small task. And most days, I'm ready to crash and call it a night by 7pm.

Part of living the lifestyle like we do includes change. Constant change. There isn't a week that goes by where my husband and I don't talk about how things are going, how we can do better, and how we can get to the ultimate lifestyle we crave, while enjoying it in the process. And honestly, it's weekly that we make changes. Mostly small ones like: Let's try making 3 meals all at once and freezing them so we have 2 nights with no cooking. Or, Let's make a weekly family activity on a weekday, so Saturday mornings the kids can be with Dad while Mom works. Etc. But nothing ever stays constant, because our family is always changing. But ultimately, our goal of getting to where we want to be is the same. And one of those ways is by cutting back.

One of the ways we're cutting back, is by getting rid of A LOT of prints in the shop. Since these are hand printed, and a lot of time goes into the printing of these Fine Art Prints, we are cutting about 50% of my designs to 1) reduce the amount of printing involved, and 2) make room for more designs and more illustration work behind the scenes. At the end of the day, I'm an illustrator. And though we need the paycheck coming in from our little corner shop, the time to create new work is sacred. And that's always the most important thing for me to protect (after my family of course!)

So, the shop is OPEN! But if you see a design that you love in the above images, it will be gone May 31st! Please notice that some designs (the family tree, and the Read with Me prints for instance) come in multiple colors....what I am doing is reducing the options and keeping just one or two. So no...the family tree is still available. Just in the color that sells the most.

Contact me with questions, but use this list as a reference!

Parting is such sweet sorrow....but man it feels good:)