Baby Stitches


Sorry for the gap in posts...I'm still here. I've been fighting off some kind of nasty bug that's keeping me from doing anything more than the absolutely necessary (like reading Divergent and taking too many pictures of my soon to graduate from Kindergarten baby).

But I've wanted to post this picture for a while. The other week while I was getting ready for market, Addie came into my office, and announced (fully dressed for the part) that she wanted to be an artist, a sewer and a mom when she grew up. And then she asked if she could work with me.

This happens a lot. I work mostly at night, but for the past while, I've had to squeeze in what I can during the day. And more often than not, Addie wants to be there right by my side. Stitching is so easy for her to do!  It keeps her busy for a long time. Just a hoop, a full skein of embroidery floss and a large dull tip needle (like a darning needle). With no agenda, she just goes in and out, and soon finds herself making a picture. Even Ian, 5, is into it.

Do you let your kids embroider? It's a great little pass time that is easy to let them learn on their own, and it's super non-messy:) I dont' have a picture of my kids embroidery, but all you need is to get them started with a good knotted strand, and let them at it. If you can teach them to go "in" on the same side they went "out" they are pretty great on their own!

And more about stitching: Many of you have asked about when my new stitching patterns will be available. The patterns (iron-ons and PDF's) will be available at the end of June. If you are interested in wholesale, you can pre-order by emailing me. More info coming soon!