Iron ons, Fabric and Etsy stuff.


Hello! 3 days back now from Market, and I'm still catching my breath. Mostly because I came home to a very enthusiastic head cold and pink eye infection. Horray for me. But it does feel good to have an excuse to move a little slower than I have been. I had forgotten what that feels like!

I've been getting a lot of questions as to when the embroidery patterns will be ready (I released 8 at market, which I have yet to still show you all!). Fabric and Embroidery patterns will be shipping in  about 4-6 weeks. (But I won't be selling the fabric.... I'll be making a list of all the stores where you can find it).  And the embroidery patterns you will be able to get directly from me, which I'll be talking about more of in the coming weeks. These patterns are going to be iron on transfers, which I am SO excited about. Saves so much work, and eliminates so much of the fuss.

But would you still be interested in downloadable PDF's? Please let me know. At this point, I'm only going to be offering the iron-ons, but if you'd like the PDF to be an option, let it be known in the comments below...or send me an email.  I'm on the fence about that one still.

And...the ETSY shop will be opening on Friday, but again, Embroidery patterns won't fully be released until next month.

Ok. Back to caring for this nasty head cold. Those pillows are looking comfy, aren't they?




PS: EDIT: These iron-on transfers will get 7 transfers out of them....some of you have been concerned that it wouldn't be worth the shipping. But, I promise you it will! But good to know of your interest in the PDF's.