Happy Site Friday.

This site has my heart. Not often do I come across images of children with such innocence and vogue at the same time. I LOVE the vintage feel with modern flair and functionality. (Say that 10 times fast:) No, I just had to post about this site that I have come back to now an again as I search for great clothing to put my illustrated children in. I won't be dressing my own children in these (unless Sarah Jane Studios puts in me in the next tax bracket sometime soon...um, no.) But without further ado, I introduce to you:

Notice the fabrics.

Notice that the kids are just KIDS and not 'models.'

Notice the outdoor settings...just perfect for those restless kids.

Notice the softness.

Notice the vintage meets modern (my favorite). Notice the innocence.

Well, I might not be able to hold back...just look at those shoes!

Thanks Flora + Henri

Until next Friday...