Mamma and her boys.

These past few 'vacation' days have flown by! I have loved this time to create more, and wishing that I could just work faster. It sometimes feels like my brain is so full of images that I have to get them out on paper or I am just going to burst. I keep a sketch book with me at all times, but sometimes taking real "art time" is necessary. I have been working on a few other projects that I can't really post about right now...hopefully soon. But these new prints are enough to keep me happy!

All this is available in the shop now. I have more coming, as always, but now I must get back to shipping and packing!

I am also going to be making my "I love my mom" cards available as singles in honor of Mother's day coming up. Don't miss out on these elephants!

And speaking of Mamas and Boys, check out my forever crush. He loves hanging out with me. He is my little side kick. I just can't get enough of his short stubby, squishy legs. Oh!! I love him!

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the chairs by the way! Have a great weekend and see you back for "happy site friday!"