I can't believe it. My sales just hit 1000. Sarah Jane Studios opened October 4th, 2007. That was 6 1/2 months ago, and boy has it gone by fast!

I really have to just say thanks to all of you. Really and truly, this has been an amazing journey (with it's fair share of downs as well...I am my worst critic!) Truth be told, I love it. I love creating (I can't stop!) and I have really loved meeting really great and talented people along the way. Thank you, Thank you! I have been so lucky to feel supported all along the way!

I wish I could just personally thank all of my wonderful customers and readers individually. I take great care in packaging to make sure that they know how appreciative I am. But I have to add an extra thanks this week to really celebrate!!

I will be adding ONE FREE "I would really like to" notepad to the next 30 orders. But you have to mention it to me in your purchase in the "message to seller box." Just say " Blog Reader" or something like that:)

Thanks so much to all of you! Support is everything to a mom, a woman and especially and artist, and I have had just the best time on this little journey! I am excited for another 6 months ahead!

Gotta go outside now and plant something...it's Earth Day! (How appropriate!)