There are few stories as traditionally Christmas as the Nutcracker, and with Maurice Sendak being on the top of my all time favorite illustrators, this book is a must in our house. The Nutcracker by ETA Hoffmann and Maurice Sendak is at the top of my list! 

It's a classic...the kind of book that is looking so festive on my coffee table right now. It's long...not something you'll finish in one bedtime (unless you want to take some extra time, which I don't object to!) It's the kind of story that makes for a great read aloud, or even to keep out and have the children read bits at time. 

But for me, it's the illustrations that suck you into the story, and keep your eyes happy for hours. SO much to think about and look at. Because Sendak takes some artistic liberties with the traditional style and characters you are use to seeing, this book is a feast for the eyes! 

Was this a Christmas favorite for you? And did you know that there is a movie of the ballet based off of these illustrations? It's all so lovely.