BOOK OF THE WEEK: The Night Before Christmas

This version of The Night Before Christmas has been out of print for 50 years and has finally come back to life! Illustrated by Caldecott winner Rover Duvoisin who illustrated some amazing classics in the 40's and 50's, this book is an instant Christmas treasure!  I came across this book this year, and it is such a fun and festive addition to our stash. The illustrations are brilliant, and the colors just POP out and make for such a fun read. 

But I think what I love about this book is it's shape! This book is long and narrow, which makes such a statement just from the cover...but inside, it gets really fun because Santa gets to go down long chimneys!! 

With so many Christmas books out there to choose from, it's nice to have books that stand out a bit from the crowd, and this is one of them. And especially because this book has been forgotten for a couple of generations, and is just now available again, it brings something even more special.