BOOK OF THE WEEK: The Animals' Merry Christmas

I'm dedicating the next few weeks to Christmas books! Hopefully ones that maybe you've forgotten about, or have yet to discover. 

For this week, I've chosen Richard Scarry's THE ANIMAL'S MERRY CHRISTMAS

This book is so delightful. Richard Scarry, famous for his Busy Town books, is the king at happy little animals, with adorable little houses and clothes, and this Christmas book is so cozy. Every page my kids would let out an audible, "Awwwww!!!" as they watched deer in the snow, mice all cozied up and bunnies in their beds. It's a collection of a few different short stories and poems, which is something I love about Christmas books. It keeps the energy up! 

One of our favorite stories is the bunny family who can't get to grandma's house because it snowed so much on Christmas and the drifts were too high. Or the story about the little deer who sees a real christmas tree through a window, and wants a real lit up tree for Christmas, so his mother finds a way for nature to make their very own. 

Did you grow up with this book? I have to admit that somehow I never saw this book until I was choosing books for my own children. And it's a favorite! Add a cozy fireplace and blankets, and your set:)