BEST of Sarah Jane Fabric Collection

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 This is REALLY exciting news you guys! I really am just giddy about this. 

Michael miller Fabrics is bringing back a "BEST OF SARAH JANE" Fabric collection next spring! I currently have 4 fabric collections that are MOSTLY out of print...there are a few pieces here and there that you can still get. But for the most part, CHILDREN AT PLAY, OUT TO SEA, LET'S PRETEND and WEE WANDER is mostly hard to find. Children at Play was released over 5 years ago, and WEE WANDER was released almost 3 years ago. And it's time to bring them back. I've been getting emails and comments from you all for so long....and Michael Miller Fabrics has heard your pleas:) 

Because there are SO many prints, and SO many options, we want to here from YOU in the survey below. What are your favorites that you MUST have back? Which colors do you love best? We will be printing originals, as well as new colors, and I am just so excited. 

The survey will have you check boxes of which prints are your favorite. I don't want to take too much of your time, so it's a pretty simple survey. But it's important to us that we here from you! Share with your friends, and spread the word:) 

Here are some pointers: 

1) You can check as many as you like

2) PLEASE be thoughtful, and really check the ones you want most to come back, instead of checking all of them for instance:) 

3) At the end there is a place for you to write whatever you want...any input you'd like to add! 

So take the survey! We want to hear what you are DYING to see back in stock. Thank you so much for your input. Scroll down at the bottom of this post for the survey link. Thanks again!! We are just as excited as you are.

These images are in the survey, but you can view them here as well: