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Well, here it is!!!

Say hello to a new friend....the Let's Pretend Fabric Collection. I think you two will get along great.

Let's start off with a  simple "Hello."


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Let's Pretend was inspired by that phrase that I just adore as a mother. It's a daily scenario: I'm in the kitchen, and the kids are in the next room pulling out toys or maybe nothing at all, and I hear "Hey! I know! Let's Pretend that I'm a super hero and you are a dinosaur king......" and it goes from there. It's the kinda thing we take for granted. But it's exactly the thing I'm going to miss when my kids are too old for that kind of play (sigh.)

I wanted to create a collection that really had spontenaity and life to it....but at the same time pulled on that playfulness we all love about children at home.

But while I was designing it, I was also pulled into awareness of some of my favorite Scandinavian children's designers, and what they were creating with this same theme. So much of what I've seen in fashion, decor and even runway action has pulled on this theme of a "child's imagination." And while this collection stays pretty close to your own living room, it still has those elements of whimsy and drama. Masks, marionettes and some fun geometrics gives a bit of a European flare. But then there are play forts, wooden blocks and dress-ups too.

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And let's not forget about color. I have really been a bright jewel tones kick lately. And with this theme of play and drama, it was the perfect fit. There are two color ways, but the fabrics (once again) are really  just one big family. Bright jewel tones against cool grays.

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I'm not going to be going to Quilt Market this Spring (another sigh) simply because my pregnancy has been fragile, and I've been off my feet and trying to keep a baby inside me:) I am doing really well this week, but it could change in any moment. So, I'm sad to be missing all the action, but I'm super glad I can stay home and take care of this tummy of mine. Priorities.

But while I won't be having a booth, I hope I can continue to feature great projects of mine and yours over the coming months!

The fabric is getting ordered by stores now, and will be shipping in a couple weeks. But, if you have a favorite Fabric store that you like to go to, here is a PDF PRINTABLE CATALOG for you to print and give to your local shops! So, feel free to start asking them about it now, since it's available for order already.

It's always a bit exciting and nerve-wracking to share a new collection. This one I came up with a year ago. Wow. And it's fun to relive all those early design moments again.

I have lots more to share....and I will be trickling in more inspiration and ideas over the coming weeks and months. But for now, here it is!

I'd love to hear your feedback!

Here are the specifics in one place: 

Let's Pretend Fabric Collection

Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics

30 designs printed on Cotton Couture (a high density cotton soft enough for apparel, yet perfect for quilts and home projects)

Shipping May 2013

Here are some places you'll want to visit:

Fabric available for Wholesale Order Here.

Click here to see the PDF catalog

Share photos of your work in my FLICKR group  here.

Need to find a shop that carries the fabric line? Click here.

I can't wait to see how you sew with this!! Let's get making!!



Sarah Jane