Out to Sea lovelies just for you

out to sea sale 1  

So, it may or may not have been 5 months since my Out to Sea products were featured on One Kings Lane, and I'm finally getting around to putting what's left up in my shop!

Last holiday season, One Kings Lane wanted to feature a children's themednautical collection around my fabric. It was a delight to design some pillows and quilts and aprons, as I just love the design process. I had lots of help sewing to get it all ready, and most of it sold in the 72 hours it was up. But there are some items that weren't even listed and I'm going to be putting them up in the shop next week.

The last time I had a sale like this in my shop, things sold out in minutes, and lots of people weren't prepared for that. I wasn't either. So I want to make sure that I give plenty of warning:) You might want to play with the checkout process before hand, just to get a sense. I've heard signing up with an account can make things go faster too. Just sayin'

I'm going to be posting all the items that will be for sale over the weekend (so be sure to check in saturday or sunday) so you can really spend time knowing exactly what you will be searching for. There are some gorgeous quilts and decorative pillows, original art....it really is lovely. And I'm sad to part with it, but I can't keep it all!

The sale will be Monday May 13th at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific time. Here's a time zone converter if you need one. And if you have any questions, ask away!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the new fabric line:) I can't wait to dive into it more. So having this last little sale for Out to Sea feels like perfect timing.