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Ta Da!!

It's here! My 4th (and favorite so far!) fabric collection that will be shipping to stores in January 2014 with Michael Miller Fabrics! I have so much I want to share about this collection, it's hard to put as much as I want to in one post. But let's have a go at it.....


Creating a fabric collection is like putting together a puzzle from your soul. I have a feeling or a set of colors and images, and I want to tell a story with that resonates on multiple levels. I think about the child, and their interpretation of the illustration. I think about the quilter, and needing to cut up fabric freely. I think about the apparel sewer, and needing something that works on a large surface. I think about the mom who is going to redecorate their child's space and needs lots of inspiration and lots of pieces to make her space work. I think about what colors are trending, but that also tell my story authentically. And so many more questions. But like I said, it all starts from a feeling and this collection comes from my own childhood memories of playing outside and wandering through the meadows and woods behind my house, with the only curfew being supper time. Wandering without boundaries. Daydreaming without having to be reeled in. Staying up past dark on summer nights to catch fireflies. And watch the twinkling trees in the distance.

Wee Wander:  It's a play on words. It's a "little" wander, or let's all go on a wander.


All these feelings and images are part of my childhood, and it was so magical to recreate that into a collection of fabric that I think resonates with every child. A sense of wonder, wander and whimsicality that we all (I hope) still recall those carefree days of childhood.



The collection comes in 2 color ways, Sunrise & Twilight with 21 pieces total....including, as always, a super whimsical and magical border print. All the colors reflect both the vibrancy of outdoor play as well as the softness of innocent childhood. I love this collection because it can cross over both ways: bright and soft.

IMG_9368-1  IMG_9364-1 IMG_9358-1    IMG_9038-1   IMG_9084-1IMG_9101-1      IMG_9422-1IMG_9430-1


Wee Wander will be shipping in January, so I'll be featuring lots of projects starting closer to when it will be in stores. So, I get to trickle lots in over a long while! I'll be giving you free quilt patterns, free clothing patterns and embroidery patterns to match! I'm itching to get my hands working on this. And I can't wait to see what you create with it!

This fabric is available through Michael Miller Fabrics.




PS: Quilt Market photos tomorrow! I can't wait to start showing you projects!!


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