Quilt Market Fall 2013

I've been home from Quilt Market for over 2 weeks now, which is what it normally takes to just put my suitcase away! So much goes into the prep, that when I come home, jumping right back in again is nuts! IMG_9056-1QuiltMarketSarah_Anders


Wee Wander is my debut collection this year, and I couldn't be more pleased. The booth turned out great, and we pulled together another fast round up of goods! I think I had the fabric for maybe 7 days total (whew!!), and I just have to say that I had such an amazing group of mostly local sewers who banded together to make this all happen in time. (See bottom of the post for a list of all products and goods!)

Don't you just wan to squish him??? 


IMG_9054-1  IMG_9064-1 IMG_9037-1 IMG_9059-1 IMG_9064-1-2    IMG_3546 2IMG_9038-1  IMG_3558 IMG_3546 2 IMG_3547 1

Tons of color! And thanks to my amazing husband (and dear friend Macy!! who drove 3 hours just to help set up) so that I could care for Anders. (He wasn't allowed in the convention center during set up, so I'm super grateful for so much help!) I did the finishing touches, and Kenneth did all the hard labor. Go team.


My husband and I are both very rooted in theater (we both studied musical theater in college) so there is something about putting on a "show" that we both just love. I also love it for the soul reason of really getting to stand back and get the whole big picture. I get so close to my work, and seeing it all like this is always really inspiring and get so excited to share it with you!  It's like putting on a play with textile design!

IMG_3534 2

This was the first year that they've allowed babies in arms at Quilt Market. Anna Maria and I had to make sure we documented the event. I think Mary Anna and Anders were the only Booth Babies at the show, which made for great friendly conversation for 3 days straight. I could have had the most boring booth on the floor and I think people would have still wanted to hang out the entire time cause of this cherub.

IMG_3532 2

I love that these two manly men managed so much of baby duty so that we could do our thing at Market. Go Husbands!

IMG_3540 2

Anyways...these two are set for life. Right?

IMG_3528 2


Anders even had coordinating outfits the whole weekend. Model Baby. Starting him young.

IMG_9048-1IMG_3531 2

My husband had to leave after the 1st day of the show, so I had 2 days of me and baby....on the floor....the whole time. My left bicep is so ripped!  But we set up the booth so that we could set the baby down and let him sleep and give my arms a break since no carriers, strollers or baby paraphernalia of any kind was allowed on the floor. I loved watching people walk by the booth, thinking he was a doll, only to see him breathe and just shriek in delight (he woke up from those shrieks a few times:) He was quite the hit.

IMG_3541 1


IMG_3568 1


IMG_3569 1

IMG_3519 2


I couldn't snap pics of all my dear friends, but here's Liesl of Oliver & S, Deborah of Whipstitch, Marisa from Creative Thursday, Vanessa of V and Co, Camille of Thimbleblossoms,Kerry of Kid Giddy and the ladies of my favorite fabric boutique in my home town. Thanks to so many of you who stopped by!

Seeing good friends that I've made over the years in the industry is always a treat. Being a work-at-home-mom-with-4-kids-and-a-husband means that I don't socialize very much. So, taking the time to reconnect is so rejuvenating for me. Especially after my 9 months of yucky bed rest pregnancy. Must have girl time!

And thanks for all your overwhelming response on the fabric line! I can't WAIT to show you more, get projects going on the blog, and share ideas!


Tee Pee's:  For sale at Tnee's Tpee's 

Catching Fireflies border quilt: Free Pattern coming soon.

Color strip Quilt: Free pattern coming soon

Summer Sky Dress (ruffle sleeve and blue skirt) Free Pattern Coming soon

Pink Dresses: K Patterns Pintucked Dress

Coat:Pattern from Cottage Mama's book

Orange horse dress: Georgia Dress from Cottage Mama

Twin quilt squares on point: Free Pattern coming soon

Waldorf Dolls: Stella Grace Boutique

Floor Pillows: Free Pattern coming soon

Decorative Pillows: Free Pattern Coming soon

Blue Dress with white bib: Playdate Dress by Oliver & S

Paper Flowers: Made by House that Lars Built