Pregnancy & Newborn

Layout 1 So I'm on the home stretch with my pregnancy, and things have been hit and miss. I have preterm labor tendencies, so some weeks are totally fine, and others I'm down and out. It's a balancing act for sure! For me, pregnancy is actually harder than the newborn stage. At least then I can bend down and pick up my floor with a baby on my hip. Inside the belly, not so much. Just trying to keep baby inside is work enough! :)

Layout 1

Speaking of Pregnancy, can you spot a Sarah Jane art print up there? I got a little lovely piece of mail this morning! Thought this was so nice. Thanks Pregnancy and Newborn for featuring this print in your June issue! It's an older piece, and a favorite in fact. Now that my kids are learning French, I should totally do more of these.

I always love seeing which prints people claim as their favorites. I love getting to know people by what art they like. Do you ever do that? Notice what art people have on the walls, or pin on Pinterest to get to know them better? I do. It's like knowing what books are on a persons night stand.  Although, I have Three Little Pigs on my nightstand because I have a certain toddler who likes my bed more than hers.....

I digress.

But not really.

Good art makes for good conversation. Always. Which is why I think I love creating art for children so much. I love starting a conversation from producing something that I'm feeling or thinking about.

Which reminds me...back to the drawing table today. So much to do, so little time!

Have a lovely, lovely day everyone!