Drawing Drawing Drawing


Hello! I hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend. 3 Day weekends are bliss. This weekend, my husband took the kids out of the house on a fun Daddy trip so that I could play major catch up on work & art. Like I mentioned before, we've always played tag team at home, and since this year so far has been a bit different than most, I have weeks and weeks of art making to catch up on  (books, fabric, portraits....and much more!) So this weekend was a welcomed guest. But the kids are coming home in 10 minutes and I've better go put the icecream away. Hee Hee.

So, at the beginning of the year, I made the goal to draw every day. Or at least as often as I could. It's so theraputic for me. It's what I love. It's how I think. But like anything, it takes setting aside time. I try to have  a sketchbook out when I'm with the kids, but it usually gets overthrown by their drawings. Which, of course, I love seeing monsters and dinosaurs in my sketchbook. But I need time to refine my skills daily. It's how I come up with ideas. Ideas don't just HAPPEN. They come when I'm putting pencil to paper. I have to be actively getting things out of my head for anything good to ever come.

How about you? How do you make time to do those things that truly make you feel like  YOU? It's seriously something that takes conscious working out.  But so worth it.

We have 2 days left until school is OVER! I can't wait. I really love summer time with the kids home. Summer period.

PS: I will be posting daily sketches to INSTAGRAM, but I'll be sure to upload batches of them at a time here on the blog from time to time. Instagram  is a mother's helper! So easy to keep up with you all. Are you doing #365drawings? There are a lot of you on instagram now. Hope to see more of you! xoxo