Chasing Mermaids Let's Pretend Dresses

letspretendnelledress This is the fun part for me. When you start sewing with the fabric I've been thinking about for a good year....I love seeing what you come up with!

It's when I see your creativity come out and enhance what I've made.

I just love it. Here are some dresses and skirts made by Chasing Mermaids using the Let's Pretend Fabric line.   She used this sewing pattern, and added a panel for kicks. Just adorable. They are using the "Make Believe" Panel print, and the "When I am King" raspberry crown fabric.

letspretenddressnelle5 letspretendnelledress1

I'm hoping to have a blog tour up and going soon. Do you have something you've made and want to share? I've always had the FLICKR groups that I love seeing, but I wonder if there is a way to share that everyone can see. Do any of you know of a better photo sharing option? If you have any ideas comment below. I'd love to have people see your creations more frequently as they are shopping around for ideas on what to make. I hope there are some better options....either here on the blog, or on Pinterest, etc. Thanks!

newflora-skirt-by-avilivocharlottepatterns-7-682x1024 I'm in the process of updating my Fabric Store Retailers List, but if you sell this line, or know of where to buy it, comment below and I'll make sure you are on the list! Especially International Shops, as those are the hardest for me to get info about. Thanks! Have fun sewing! xo Sarah Jane