Coming back soon.

Hello! I've been absentee...but really for no good reason, other than, I needed a break.

Life has been super full this week. Just the normal stuff really. But honestly, what's kept me away has just been writers block. Creative blah-ness. Empty head and ideas. It happens enough to me that I know I just need to step away, and let the creative part of me just step out, float away, and drift back down again.  Does that ever happen to you? All the sudden you find yourself not feeling a creative bone in your body? I used to freak out about that kinda thing, especially when I was under the pressure of work deadlines. But I don't really fret any more, cause I know it's going to come back. It's like a little balloon that floats away and just needs to drift off for a while so it can come back fresh and ready to go.

I've got lots to share with you next week, but this week (and still today) I've been letting myself focus on all the other things that don't require my creativity. It's been a bit strange, but I'm used to it by now to know that it will come back when it needs to.

Have a lovely weekend! New prints (including this one!) will be in the shop next week too...many of the ones that you've requested....and so I'll be looking forward to that next week!

PS: I found some really great little bits of inspiration on how to get out of a creative rut. HERE | HERE | HERE. Great stuff, ya?