We've moved around a lot, and I'm familiar with the truth that painting a room can transform it completely.

Which is why it's silly that I waited this long after moving in to our house to repaint the kids rooms. Mostly because I'm an all or nothing kinda gal, and since the floors need to go as well, I figured we'd just wait till we could do it all at once. Or maybe because the kid's room color was the LEAST offensive of them all (no joke!) and compared to the ketchup red master with mustard chair rails, the eggplant purple living room, regular purple dining and avocado green foyer, the bedrooms seems mild.

Here's a close preview:

The previous color was a completely dismal brown. Not a nice chocolate brown, but a nasty light sucking brown. This shot was taken at night, but believe me. Even in the day it was depressing. I never liked to go in there except for when lights were out and kids needed cuddling. But that's ok, cause that is the only time the kids were in there too:)

We are going bright white. And wow. What a change.

It also means I finally have a good place in the house to take photos as well. Funny how a room with such wonderful natural light was off limits due to the paint color stealing it all.

Before church, I stole some more before's and afters.

And a special before and after, from MR. TOOTHLESS (his new official name).

Do you love his tie? He insisted on it outside of the collar. I love this boy.

I'm going to keep you posted on the progress. We're putting in white washed wood floors this week, and then onto painting some furniture, building some wall display boxes and deciding which rugs work out best (on 75% clearance I might add...don't you love those finds?)

Stay tuned for more! I've been waiting to redo their space for a VERY long time. In fact, the last time I deliberately repainted and redid a space for them was I think when I was pregnant 8 years ago. This will be a fun journey!