So, a few items of business.

Do you have your printable valentines yet?? I'm cutting mine today! (You'd think I'd be more prepared with having my very own this year, but alas...I still love to procrastinate!) Good thing it's ready to go at least. And Did I mention that these will only be available through valentines? Yep. Then...the end.


Tomorrow ONLY  20% off EVERYTHING in the shop

Yay! I love these little deals. 20% off with code: heart20   in both shops here and here.

And do you have a shop where you sell Sarah Jane fabric clothing items? I love watching the FLICKR group grow, but I'd love to feature more projects here on the blog too, so everyone can know where to get a hold of the goods. This one above is the new collection from Georgia Grace. Love it!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day and don't forget to come by for the sale tomorrow!

We bought these books for the kids for Valentines Day (they are all very kissy) Love!

Have a wonderful lovely Valentines!