Art lessons in the studio

So my kids are learning a lot of art lately, and it's not from me.

I don't usually work when the kids are around, but when I have to, it's so fun to have them in with me. It's really small (12 x 12 feet) but the children love to squeeze  their way in to do art with me as much as they can. Addie likes to paint with me while I'm working on the computer, and though we use the kitchen table when we are all art making, the studio seems to get used quite a bit.

But while I'm an artist, I don't actually spend much time teaching the kids. They get to use the space as they want (ahem-Ella), and get inspired by what ever is in their head.

So I've wanted to post here for a while a favorite book of ours that the kids love to pull out when they are art making. (I posted this when I was guest blogging for Lucky Magazine and I forgot to mention here!)

This Charley Harper book gets used a lot...and not for flipping through on the coffee table. But while they paint.  It's big, it's heavy (lays on the table really nicely) and while I love that they are learning about such an amazing artist, I really love how it's a visual art lesson on how to see nature in terms of shapes and color.  It's a brilliant activity to have the kids browse through the book and copy his painting, or interpret them their own way.

So try it! You can even just pull up images online on your computer or ipad or whatever, and it will seriously keep your kids drawing forever, and really thinking about shape, color and line in all that they see around them.

It's so fun to see kids be artists at home. Man...if I didn't have kids at home, I think I'd want to be an art teacher. It's so exciting to see them have so much confidence in their work. Something I am constantly learning from them every day.

I'm working on cozying up the studio. So I should have more pics to show you soon! I'm thinking about a couch...perfect for curling up and sketching. AND having a place to sit when the kids take over the art table:)

Oops! And EDIT:

(can't have a post without some art!)

Rumor has it that a lot of you readers are kids, who like to see new art on my blog. Is that true? If so, tell me what this little bunny is doing in the comments below. I'd love to hear your ideas!